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Hiring a Female Personal Trainer NYC May Do The Trick

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female personal trainer nyc training a woman clientHaving a female personal trainer NYC may be the way to go! 14 years ago when I became a female personal trainer NYC there were few of us in the fitness industry. Now there are many female personal trainers helping others transform their bodies, create strength, and build a positive self-image and ultimately a new lease on life!

A female personal trainer NYC needs to be honored and respected

A female personal trainer NYC really needs to be honored and respected in the fitness industry because she is a major contributing factor in helping create diverse options for many who want get in-shape and lose weight.

The growing number of female personal trainer NYC in the fitness industry is a clear indication that gender-based discrimination in the developed world is slowly dissolving.

When I was a female personal trainer NYC 13 years ago I was one of two women fitness trainers in New York City in a group of 50 fitness trainers at my gym. Although I was definitely a minority being one of two women fitness trainers, it never phased me because I knew that I had an important purpose.

At the time, there weren’t a lot of options when it came to finding a great female personal trainer NYC who truly understood the challenges of being a woman and being out-of-shape coupled with having self-image issues.

Our weight and dress size are related to how we feel about ourselves. And I’m not sure if a male personal trainer could truly understand that place of challenge as a opposed to a female personal trainer NYC.

female personal trainer nyc diane williams selfieAt this point in my career I am one female personal trainer out of many taking the plunge and becoming private personal trainers NYC which means we are no longer affiliated with a gym. Many of us train our clients in fitness studios and in our own clients’ homes.

While gender-based discrimination exists in the personal trainer NYC arena there is definitely a lot less. As a female personal trainer NYC for a significant amount of time in the fitness industry I find that the majority of male clients prefer a male personal trainer to build their bodies into lean machines while most women prefer a female personal trainer NYC.

The following are some reasons why using a gender-specific private personal trainers NYC and also those in affiliated with a particular gym is applicable.

Discussing Health and Physical Issues with Your Female Personal Trainer NYC

Some of us may not feel comfortable sharing with a male personal trainer NYC that it’s the time of the month. Although pain and low energy are valid symptoms that affect training, many may not be comfortable having their personal trainer NYC know if he’s a man so in this case they’d choose a female personal trainer NYC instead.

In general, most women seem to feel safer talking about health issues with other women especially if the person is not a health professional. So it makes sense to choose women personal trainers.

Let’s turn the tables for a moment. I believe that most men will not completely feel open to speak to a female personal trainers about all of his health problems and issues in detail.

Ideally women personal trainers are trained fitness professionals so most of us know how to handle sensitive topics which include uncomfortable health and physical issues of our clients.

I make sure I create a relationship with all of my clients where they feel that they can come to me for anything that may affect achieving their goals and this of course includes any health and physical challenges that they are having.

Feeling Physically and Mentally Safe With Female Personal Trainer NYC

As a female personal trainer NYC, I deal with my clients’ bodies. The focus is holistic but mainly getting them to move their bodies on a consistent basis and helping them achieve their body transformation goals.

A client must feel safe around the personal trainer NYC to be able to move freely without any boundaries. Some women may not feel completely free around male personal trainers NYC and so there may be some stress and anxiety around this which definitely will produce less than stellar results. Having a gender-specific personal trainer NYC may alleviate a lot of the stress.

Female Personal Trainer NYC Helping You With Your Fitness Goals

Traditionally men want to build big muscles and get down to a bodyfat where they can see their six-pack. Women want to have toned muscles and usually want to lose some weight. Personal trainers NYC who are great at what they do will be able to train both of these clients. But again, there comes a certain biasness around choosing male or female personal trainers NYC.

Men usually will choose male personal trainers because they think they would do a better job to get them where they want to be. And vice versa with female clients; women think that a female fitness trainer will be able to understand their needs and wants and be able to help them achieve their fitness goals more quickly and easily.

Do you feel more comfortable around female personal trainers? Do you think you could perform your best while a female personal trainer NYC guides you achieving your physical wellness goals?

In some cases it doesn’t matter if you hired a female personal trainer NYC or not but it’s however you feel more comfortable and what you think would be the best thing for your progress on your fitness program.

Although there are many personal trainer jobs NYC you’re still going to have to be particular when you find a personal trainer NYC. Find a female personal trainer NYC on yelp or a personal training NYC website.

The personal trainer profile on a personal training website will be helpful for you. Although NYC personal trainer rates can be high you still can find an affordable personal trainer NYC who is a woman.

Hope you enjoyed reading Hiring a Female Personal Trainer NYC May Do The Trick article.

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