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A Certified NYC Personal Trainer For Goal Specific Training

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curvy girl working out on a physio ball - core ball
Curvy Girl working out on the physio ball

A great certified NYC personal trainer has specialized training and many years of personal and professional experience to be qualified to work with clients from many levels of fitness and health backgrounds and challenges. While most certified NYC personal trainer should be capable to develop and design an overall, general fitness routine where gaining strength and even fat loss are the goals, a certified nyc personal trainer should be capable to address a number of specialized issues and goals that their clients may have.

Certified NYC Personal Trainer For Weight Loss/Fat Loss

Probably 95% of my Curvy Goddess clients who call me and inquire about my certified NYC personal trainer program is because they feel they need to lose weight. Failure after failure doing it on their own they finally realize that it’s so much more difficult trying to figure the weight loss game rules out. Having no support from someone makes it even more difficult.

A certified NYC personal trainer is able to develop individualized workout programs coupled with healthy eating guidance to create weight loss and even more importantly fat loss for their clients.

Some of my clients do not need to lose any weight but they have a lot of cellulite around the hips, butt, and thighs. They just need some weight training to change their body composition. It may seem miraculous but it’s not. Most women are resistant to weight training thinking that they will get huge but that this isn’t so. I see smooth thighs and firm butts rather than bulky ones when they pick up the weights more often.

A certified NYC personal trainer understands that it’s not about restricting the body of nutrient-rich foods to get the body to melt fat. It’s not about caloric deprivation but that’s what most clients attempt to do before they hire a certified NYC personal trainer .

A certified NYC personal trainer knows that holistic approach of resistance training, a healthy amount of cardiovascular exercise, some healthy eating guidance, and positive encouragement is the winning formula for fat loss to exist.

So that’s one thing a certified NYC personal trainer can do for YOU!

Remember that when a certified NYC personal trainer develops a weight loss/fat loss plan for her clients there are so many factors to consider before diving into the action phase.

Fitness and health history of the client needs to be considered along with physical limitations, food consumption, basal metabolic rate, and even attitude and confidence starting another weight loss program.

A Certified NYC Personal Trainer For A Body Composition Change

I briefly explained that some of my clients hired me not to lose weight but they had some body fat to lose. They had a great shape but they were unhappy with the cellulite they had on their hips, butt, and thighs.

shiny steel dunmbbellss
Lifting weights is the way to go for smooth and firm butt and thighs!

#1 Issue For Most Certified NYC Personal Trainer Clients

As a certified NYC personal trainer for those who want to attain a lean, firm look, one of the most common issues to achieving and maintaining a change in body composition is patience. It’s not going to happen overnight.

And for these women who are not comfortable with lifting weights consistently it’s my job as a certified NYC personal trainer to get them to trust me and have them believe that the program will work if they give it their all.

Losing body fat without losing weight is really challenging for the layman to do on her own. For many, they usually will get on the treadmill or on an elliptical for endless amounts of cardio with very little emphasis on weight lifting. A competent New York City personal trainer could quickly tell you that this is a dead wrong approach.

Do You Need A Certified NYC Personal Trainer To Build A Stronger Body?

Women who want to become stronger will most likely focus on using strength machines if they are not familiar with strength building exercises and have not hired a certified personal trainer NYC.

A competent certified personal trainer NYC will tell you that that is the least effective way to build a strong body. A combination of stabilization and core strengthening exercises will be the foundation of a strong body along with a consistent weight training program.

Certified NYC Personal Trainer Exercise Essentials

Lots of squats and lunges will be in their future. I’m not a psychic. I’m one of many certified personal trainers in NY who understands that squats and lunges for everybody who wants a strong, firm, and lean body are essential strength training moves.

What is also essential is using proper form for these essential exercises so hiring an experienced and qualified certified NYC personal trainer is also essential. And she doesn’t have to be the best personal trainer NYC.

A qualified certified NYC personal trainer has acquired the many years of experience, necessary education, and specific skill sets to develop goal specific programs for her clients. It is essential to understand human anatomy, kinesiology, nutrition, and be current to the latest trends in fitness to successfully guide and help her clients on their health and fitness journey!

Hope you enjoyed this Certified NYC Personal Trainer For Goal Specific Training article and learned some valuable information.

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