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NYC Personal Training – Does The Curvy Goddess Program Work?

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Does NYC personal training really work?

I’m sure that may be one of the many questions you’re asking yourself when you’re looking for help through NYC personal training.

I wouldn’t be at all surprised that you would be skeptical since you’ve gone through the diet and exercise gambit to lose the weight that you feel you need.

Do you feel that your life is standing still and your weight is holding you back from the extra fat on your body?

I completely understand. I have been there myself. Before I decided to become a NYC personal trainer I bought NYC personal training sessions from so many NYC personal training fitness pros…20 to be exact.

Personal training in NYC, Diane before and after
Lost 30 pounds!

I had a lot of fat to lose and every single professional NYC personal training trainer vowed to me that they could help me. It didn’t matter if they had private NYC personal training programs or in home personal training NYC services. They all thought they could succeed in making me succeed with weight loss and getting in-shape.

But they didn’t have one secret ingredient that I think is crucial in helping a Curvy Girl like you and me and that is empathy.

NYC Personal Training Proof #1

So do you want some proof?

All of the NYC personal training services seemed good enough, sometimes even flashy and fancy but I think the personal trainer can make or break a NYC personal training program.

It is absolutely vital to be on the same wavelength as a Curvy Girl’s and most miss that wavelength target.

They just don’t get it. In NYC personal training services it’s hard to even find one personal trainer who has been in a Curvy Girl’s shoes. They have never been taunted and ridiculed because of their weight. They have never been ignored. They have never been scared to step into a gym to start working out. They have never been concerned about others watching them while they sweat and move their bodies in odd, foreign positions.

To them working out is like brushing their teeth. They always have done it. There is nothing hard about it.

For you paying for NYC personal training sessions means a whole lot. It means having a new youthful and sexy body. Going through with a NYC personal training program could mean living a new life. Joining a NYC personal training program could mean freedom. Being free from a prisoner from your own body.

For you Curvy Girl it may mean the world, like it did to me. And how could they understand that if they have never been in this position ever before in their lives.

NYC Personal Training Abuse

I had everything riding on training with a NYC fitness trainer and I had so much disappointment.

Some yelled at me and pushed me so hard that I was injured. Some wanted to cross the boundaries of having more than a professional relationship with me. I have my boundaries and although I was uncomfortable I had to let the “professional” go and have him find someone else to train at his NYC personal training studio and to date.

So although I am here to share with you my personal experiences about personal trainers in NYC I am also here to say that NYC personal training does work. I know that the Curvy Goddess NYC Personal Training program works wonders for those Curvy Girls who have tried EVERYTHING!

NYC Personal Training Proof #2

nyc personal training
Curvy Goddess Client, Lynx Garcia

I want to introduce you to Lynx Garcia. Lynx is a wonderful client of mine. And she has gone far when it comes to exercise and eating healthy. She has run the gambit when it comes to dieting and exercising to lose weight.

Lynx has been pulled into the illusions, tricks and diet fads of the day. She even decided to go through the popular gastric bypass operation only to have additional serious health problems from the surgery.

She has also tried various NYC personal training programs from other fitness trainers only to be disappointed because she never really connected with them. She felt they could not understand her.

Again, when choosing a NYC personal training program that fits your budget and your busy schedule you also need a personal trainer who has been there, who has been in your shoes.

Well Lynx is starting to enjoy her NYC personal training sessions with me. She’s starting to feel like she needs to exercise. Instead of it being a way to just lose weight and look good, it’s a gateway to freedom, feeling good, and new possibilities for her life.

NYC Personal Training Experience Privacy

I am grateful that I can give all of my Curvy Girls a private NYC personal training studio to go to for their personal training in NYC sessions. The studio is private and on Madison Avenue and is “by appointment only”. Most of them are surprised when they step in for the first time because most of them expect a “big box” gym type of atmosphere where everyone is gawking at them and it’s constantly crowded.

If you’re still on the fence about Curvy Goddess NYC Personal Training I urge you to contact me so we can talk about what your concerns are.

Lynx is just one of many NYC personal training clients who have succeeded in making big fitness, weight loss, and healthy lifestyle changes and there will be more posts to come about other Curvy Girls taking action and making positive changes in their lives.

So what do you think of the NYC Personal Training article, Curvy Girl? Please comment below. I would love to hear what you have to say about this NYC Personal Training Success Stories – Does The Curvy Goddess Program Work post?!

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