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New York Personal Training – How Did These Curvy Girls Lose Weight?

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plus size personal trainer clients, Jocelyn, Elisabeth, and Amber

You’ve decided to buy New York Personal Training sessions with a fitness trainer. Now what? Just purchasing some New York personal training sessions doesn’t mean that the weight is going to fall off of you. Far from that notion! Instead of thinking that now it’s your fitness trainer’s job to do some miracle work, now think that it’s time to work with her by making the most of this New York City personal training opportunity.

Two plus size women illustrations in bathing suits joyfully walking

You’ve bought some New York personal training sessions which is a HUGE investment in yourself, your body, and your life. Now it’s time to WERK IT GIRL!

As a New York personal training fitness professional for over 13 years, I have trained hundreds of personal training New York clients and maybe even over a thousand at this time. And although each New York personal training client is unique I see the commonalities of those who have succeeded in achieving their goals and these personal training New York clients are far from perfect.

All of my New York City personal training clients have stumbled and they all have fallen but some didn’t get back up. The ones who got back up and brushed themselves off to continue the journey were the ones who succeeded.

personal training clients who have succeeded in losing weight and getting in better shape

I think once we expect ourselves to be perfect entering into this commitment and working with a personal trainer in New York I think that’s when problems start to arise. We start to sabotage and unfortunately are in danger of throwing in the towel and quitting.


Understand that my Curvy Goddess New York personal training clients faced many difficult sessions. They faced their issues. There were many times when they just did not want to show up, but the most important thing was that they did show up to their NYC personal training workout no matter how tired they were. No matter if work was crazy. No matter if their loved ones felt threatened with the changes. No matter if..and no matter what was going on in their lives.

ALL of my New York personal training clients faced difficult challenges but the ones who succeeded never ever quit. And that is the reason why they ultimately succeeded.

So how did they finally face these challenges and beat it to proceed farther on their path?

Well I’m going to tell you! Below is a list of all of things that I believe are essential in helping you achieve your goals when hiring a personal trainer and after you’ve purchased your Curvy Goddess Personal Training NYC package.

New York Personal Training Client Success Factor #1

My clients were on-time to almost every appointment. I know that situations arise beyond your control but being habitually late indicates that’s there is something going on that’s deeper.

Is there a sabotage element going on here? Do you really want to lose the weight?

Sometimes when a client is 15 – 30 minutes late consistently to the personal training studio New York I know that deep down they are not ready to make that leap for change. The change is not just weight loss. There will be some radical changes going on emotionally and mentally. And you will have to be a tough cookie to face them.

New York Personal Training Client Success Factor #2

The session is a personal training session and not a Coffee Talk session. I adore my clients and for me it’s important to create a relationship built on trust, authenticity, and focus.

I am here to help my clients achieve their physical transformation goals and I understand that other stuff will get in the way. If they need to talk it out with me they are open to do so but while they work out…HARD.

Again the focus is to train. And if they have to cry I will support them. They cry while they are doing their pushups.

New York Personal Training Client Success Factor #3

Don’t cancel less than 24 hours notice. There is a major reason why this is my policy and that is to teach my New York personal training clients a shift in priorities. The ones who succeed make that shift.

Nothing gets in the way to achieving their weight loss goals. If they see that work, their personal life get in the way then they make adjustments so that training can become a big prioriry in their lives.

New York Personal Training Client Success Factor #4

Come prepared with the right shoes and proper attire. I know that this seems really simple and why am I listing this as a success factor?

You have no idea how many times a client will show up forgetting their sneakers and workout clothes.

Doing this once or twice means that they spaced out. More than twice again is a deeper problem. To me, I question if they really are prepared to make the changes necessary.

New York Personal Training Client Success Factor #5

Learn to trust me. As their personal trainer there is a very deep level of trust that is created.

I know that when they start trusting me and understanding that I am here to support them completely then they are okay with finally being vulnerable.

I know that this is really difficult for those who start. There have been so many disappointments in the past.

But when New York personal training clients make the decision to trust me then the magic starts to happen. They work out harder. They start doing exercises that they had no idea they could do. They are honest with me and that in turn helps me know what the next steps will be for them, helping to achieve the goal of their dreams.

After purchasing New York Personal Training sessions then the work begins for you. Take the opportunity to really understand what to do to succeed on your weight loss and fitness journey. Hopefully this article about New York Personal Training sessions gave you much insight in what to do to succeed.

  • I appreciate the video thank you, My question is this a gym like studio with same equipment and the 1:1 last for one hour correct? can you buy packages and see you 2-3 x a week for better results? is this affordable what I mean is the more you buy sessions are there deals?

  • I’ve tried to lose weight lots of times but when I eventually hired a personal trainer that’s when I was successful. I guess it’s because I actually HAD to be there at a certain date and time. When it’s up to me on my own it’s too easy to say I’ll go tomorrow 🙂

  • nice video, but generally speaking drinking water + eating less than 1800 calories a day + exercise for 30 minutes + switching from sugar to stevia will always work to reduce weight. No secret!

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