December 24, 2011


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Choose the right fitness level
Before being a personal trainer NYC for over 14 years I was just like you Curvy Goddess trying to get in-shape and looking for a way to do so without the knowledge and schooling about fitness and workout program design.

So before being a personal trainer NYC, I looked to fitness DVDs for help and motivation. I hoped they would not only transform my body but in some way transform my life because of course if I changed my body my life would somehow change.

Looking back at my journey without a personal trainer NYC to guide me I am wondering how in the heck could I truly separate the fitness DVD gems from the duds?

Annette from Murray Hill asks me, a personal fitness trainer NYC, this crucial question about fitness DVDs:

Annette: Since you’re a certified personal trainer NYC for over 11 years I’m sure you are quite aware of what’s out there. I’m planning to hire a personal trainer NYC but I’d like to also supplement my workouts with my personal trainer NYC with fitness DVDs.

How do I choose the right fitness DVDs for me?

Diane Williams, Certified Personal Trainer NYC: That’s a great question Annette! I think fitness DVDs can be a great supplement when working with a personal trainer NYC. There are things that you need to consider before picking one or two or even three from the shelf or online.

If making a hasty decision you may likely waste your money fitness DVDs that are not aligned with your fitness style, fitness level and fitness goals.

personal trainer nyc


No matter how enticing the body blast fat-turbo charge body chisel workout in 14 days may sound, make sure you know your fitness level matches the level of the fitness DVD.

As a personal trainer NYC I go through a thorough fitness and health history assessment before I start taking my client through the exercises I have planned for them. Important information is gathered during this assessment to help me the best program design for my clients.

The best NYC personal trainers would all agree that someone who just started working out or has not exercised for quite some time will feel discouraged choosing a fitness DVD geared for advanced exercisers. More likely she will quit after trying out the DVD once or twice. Many times a beginner will not be able to get through an advanced level DVD and it could be quite dangerous if she attempts to.

For an advanced exerciser it’s likely that she will think the fitness DVD is too boring and too easy and she will quit after the first try.

For both the beginner and the advanced both will not make any progress on their fitness and health journey with the fitness DVDs.


As a personal trainer NYC when I trained at people’s homes I needed to know what equipment and space were available to me. You will have to do the same in regards to choosing a fitness DVD. Workouts that require large amounts of space when you don’t have space in your NYC apartment will not work.

Or if you’re budgeting and cost is an issue then a fitness DVD that will require you to invest in large pieces of equipment won’t work either.

So take in consideration the space that is available to you and if you’re willing to spend some dough on more fitness equipment.


If you want to incorporate exercise into your lifestyle while changing your body dramatically you will have to commit to exercise long-term which means in the beginning you can’t be too bored.

Boredom is a killer to your new workout program so you’ll have to purchase a variety of fitness DVDs to prevent this from happening. Again the focus is to commit long-term.

Doing the same workout fitness DVD daily will not only stop your progress because your body will quickly get use to the routine but it will not inspire you to continue because it’s just way too boring to do the same exact workout daily.

Focus on purchasing a variety of workout styles and also modalities. Choose aerobic and strength and maybe even stretching. There are so many to choose from; Zumba, Hip Hop, Kettlebell, Circuit Training, Pilates to name just a few.


If you’re still not sure what to choose, as a personal trainer in New York I recommend that you watch fitness videos online or go to the library and check out a few fitness DVDs.

Also hiring a certified personal trainer NYC to design a program especially for your needs and goals will greatly help. I’ve had many clients reach their goals just from working with me a few times a week.

Hope the article, Ask the Personal Trainer NYC About Fitness DVDs helped and you can start off on the right note with a great DVD purchase!


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Diane Williams

Personal Trainer NYC and Former Plus Size Fashion Model for the Wilhelmina Modeling Agency of New York is a passionate supporter for the curvy girls of the world who she calls Curvy Goddesses.

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