December 26, 2011


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Ask the Personal Trainer, Diane Williams
Welcome to another Ask the Personal Trainer NYC article where I focus on a popular fitness topic that is common among many women. Clients and subscribers are curious about how to lose fat, gain energy, and transform a body into a sexy body leaving firm dangerous curves.

As a personal trainer NYC for about 14 years now I have dealt with many women who cannot seem to find the time to exercise. How does a busy person squeeze in something that is essential to their health and fitness in their life?

Jacqueline from New York, NY poses this very question to me.

Question: Hello Diane. I am a lawyer and very very busy. Since you’ve been a personal trainer NYC for awhile now I am hoping that you’ll be able to help me.

I know that I really need to exercise. I just can’t seem to find time in my very busy schedule. How do I exercise?

Personal Trainer NYC, Diane Williams Answers

Most of us have busy schedules but some of us busy people will find the time to exercise and many of us do not. This is a classic excuse. Like anything new you have to create time for a new activity or a new habit. You need to do the same with exercise.

How did Jacqueline become a lawyer? I’m sure she made some “sacrifices” and she made many changes to her life to become an attorney. You have to do the same with exercise.

You may have to wake-up earlier than what you’re use to. You may have to do it later in the evening when you feel too tired to do anything else but sit on the couch and zone out watching the boob tube.

You may have to invest in a personal trainer NYC to schedule and show up to your appointed time.

When it comes to making a habit of exercise you start with taking action every day without having extreme goals that will overwhelm you and make you give up. It’s a misconception I think that working out has to be this big time commitment if you’re just beginning. 30 minutes a day on most days is all you need for it to stick.

Personal Trainer NYC suggests trying some of these tricks to skip activity into your day:

Personal Trainer NYC Trick #1

Pass on the Escalator and the Elevator. Take the stairs instead. There are stairs available for us but we pass on the stairs and take the easy ride. For some extra burn bite the bullet first and take the stairs. Sooner than you’ll know, the stairs will seem the natural choice.

Personal Trainer NYC Trick #2

Go for A Walk. Walking is a great way to get some extra activity in during your day. After a nice dinner take a walk with your dinner partner or with a neighbor. You can even make it an after-dinner ritual. You can also walk a few blocks more by parking your car farther away from your destination.

Personal Trainer NYC Trick #3

Play with Your Children. If you have children or even a pet, interacting with them through play will definitely keep you active.

Personal Trainer NYC Trick #4

Jog in Place. It may seem a boring activity but you can do this while listening to your favorite music or watching your favorite TV show or movie in the evening after dinner.

Personal Trainer NYC Trick #5

Ride Your Bike. So instead of taking your car a few blocks to the corner store for a carton of milk ride your bike instead.

Personal Trainer NYC Trick #6

Have Active Dates. Whether you’re spending time with your husband, boyfriend, or your girlfriend create active dates. So instead of having dinner and drinks go out dancing instead. Or get one of your girlfriends to go with you to a Zumba class you’ve been curious about for awhile.

Personal Trainer NYC Trick #7

Resistance Exercise. Invest in some resistance bands for a few reps of a couple of exercise while on the phone or while watching TV. Resistance bands are so much more convenient and portable than hand weights and will do the job just as well.

Personal Trainer NYC Trick #8

Take Advantage Of Outdoor Chores. If you’re not doing outdoor chores here’s a great chance in burning some extra calories. Instead of hiring the gardener gather the family together once a week to do the outdoor chores; mowing the lawn, gardening, pulling the weeds, washing the windows, etc. This is will help keep the whole family active.

Personal Trainer NYC Trick #9

Hire a personal trainer NYC two to three times a week. Working with a professional certified personal trainer NYC is one of the greatest ways to get your workout in and incorporating exercise into your life creating a health and fitness lifestyle.

As a personal trainer NYC, I’ve seen clients who succeed and they are the ones with a great attitude and great determination in changing their lifestyle habits. They just never quit. You may have a very busy life but don’t we all? Personal trainer NYC, Diane Williams, observes that the ones who exercise are the ones who create the time no matter how busy they are.


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