December 28, 2011


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Your own certified personal trainer NYC, Diane Williams, is here answering your questions about fitness in this special category, Ask the Personal Trainer NYC where curvy women ask their most curious questions about weight loss, health, and fitness.

My experience as a personal trainer NYC has covered almost 14 years, training hundreds of people from unique backgrounds and physical limitations of all ages. I love what I do and will continue to help you throughout the years to come as a certified personal trainer NYC.

Here’s a wonderful question from Maria from the Upper East Side.

Maria asks this personal trainer NYC about getting into the best shape possible.

Maria’s question: Hello Diane, since you’ve been a personal trainer NYC for 11 years now and have worked with many women I thought you would know how I can transform my body into a firm lean one.

I’m tired of trying and not achieving this goal of mine that I’ve had for so many years.

Answer from Personal Trainer NYC, Diane: Well Maria, I have had the fortune to get valuable info from my clients as a personal trainer NYC. It seems that the clients who do succeed and achieve are the ones who are consistent with implementing good solid habits frequently, almost everyday.

They usually are the ones who are not on crash diets but exercise consistently and frequently and make healthy food choices.

The following are 5 tips that will help with your body transformation and finally be proud and happy in your body.

Personal Trainer NYC Fitness Tip #1

Start working out…consistently and frequently. This is not a ground-breaking idea, but training does wonders; gives you miraculous results. You will need to create a workout program that incorporates cardiovascular training and resistance training.

If you’re clueless about program design which most of us are who are not fitness professionals you may need to hire a personal trainer NYC for assistance to help you with the design.

Your personal trainer NYC will be able to design a program that is perfect for your needs; giving you a list of cardio exercises and an individualized strength training program based on her health and fitness evaluation.

Personal Trainer NYC Fitness Tip #2

Eat healthier and smarter. What does that mean? Focus on eating whole foods and cut out sugar, fried foods and all processed foods. This will significantly change not only your body shape in combination with the workouts but will also change how you feel physically and mentally.

Eating whole foods and leaving out the processed, toxic junk will help your body function beautifully and keep you satisfied and well fueled for those intense workouts.

Personal Trainer NYC Fitness Tip #3

Many of us have a tendency to eat way too much. So focus on reducing your portion size at every meal. Eating too much is a usual blunder that will block your progress with your body project.

Personal Trainer NYC Fitness Tip #4

Keep your body moving as much as possible during the day.
*Take advantage of the stairs.
*Park a couple of blocks farther from your destination and walk the rest of the way.
*Periodically move around the office every hour for 5 minutes if your work leaves you behind a desk.

Personal Trainer NYC Fitness Tip #5

Keep a progress journal. Not only keeping track of your exercise intensity and frequency and the foods you’ve consumed but tracking your mood will keep you motivated and attaining a history of your progress will reveal to you what works.

A simple notebook will suffice or if you’re attached to your computer, an online journal/blog would be more your speed. Another plus having a blog would be that being in the public eye would force you to be accountable to your readers and keep you on track.

Being a personal fitness trainer NYC for a number of years has helped me understand that it takes dedication and persistence to re-shape your body. You want to be gentle with yourself mentally but firm with your commitments; TOUGH LOVE. You deserve being healthy and fit. Personal trainer NYC advises to follow the suggestions listed above if you want to watch your body transform before your very eyes!


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Diane Williams

Personal Trainer NYC and Former Plus Size Fashion Model for the Wilhelmina Modeling Agency of New York is a passionate supporter for the curvy girls of the world who she calls Curvy Goddesses.

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