December 31, 2011


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New Year's Resolution To Get In-Shape
Being a Personal Trainer NYC, I am well aware of the surge of members who come to the gym after January 1 because of their New Year’s Resolution. It’s unfortunate that most of these members will disappear in the coming weeks forgetting their goals with their motivation disappearing into thin air.

I may be biased as a personal trainer NYC but the ones who have decided to hire me to help them achieve their fitness New Years Resolution will have a better advantage.

To be honest with you coming from being a personal trainer NYC I despise the New Year Resolution with no conscious thought to really examining what we want and mapping out how we are going to achieve this important and usually life-changing goal.

As a certified personal fitness trainer NYC, I see that so many of us will set a weight loss goal with no solid strategy to how we are going to achieve this it.

That’s why it’s vital that we think carefully about how we are going to get what we want.

Here are 5 Steps to increase your chances for success with your New Year’s Resolution based on my experience as a personal trainer NYC.

Personal Trainer NYC Fitness Goal Achievement Step #1

Be realistic when setting goals. Your goal needs to challenge your comfort zone but setting the goal of losing 50 pounds in 30 days is clearly unrealistic.

As a personal trainer NYC, when I guide my clients to creating goals, they need to be actionable and measurable including a deadline. For example, instead of saying, ‘I’m losing weight this year’ make it more specific. I will lose 30 lbs. by May 1 by doing 30 minutes of cardio 3 times a week, working out with my personal trainer NYC 3 times a week, and joining Weight Watchers.

This kind of goal is more detailed giving you a more clear target to shoot right at the bulls-eye!

Personal Trainer NYC Fitness Goal Achievement Step #2

Map out the plan. Writing out your plan into small actionable steps is the next step. What are the steps that you will take from week to week that will get you closer to your goal?

So for example, if you want to lose 50 pounds, it’s less overwhelming to map out your plan and give yourself bite-size chunks to deal with on a weekly basis.

Personal Trainer NYC Fitness Goal Achievement Step #3

Earlier I touched on setting a deadline. This is one of the details that many of us miss.

Not having a deadline for your weight loss goal although your goal may be specific will leave you open to procrastinate.

A deadline does a couple of things. It will help motivate you, placing you in a state of pressure to have to get it done.

Setting a deadline is like the finish line to a race. If there’s no finish line then why even have a race? Setting a deadline gives you the incentive to start taking action on your weight loss goal.

It will give you the motivation to sign-up to the diet program, or start working with a personal trainer NYC, or take an exercise class that you’ve been curios about for a long time.

Personal Trainer NYC Fitness Goal Achievement Step #4

Take action. This may seem obvious but many of us will set a goal never to even start. It takes boldness and courage to go past your comfort zone and tackle your goal by finally taking action.

Personal Trainer NYC Fitness Goal Achievement Step #5

Keep Score. In other words keep track your progress by measuring your progress every number of weeks to help you move forward and to avoid procrastination. I know from being a personal trainer NYC that my clients slip up from time to time but there is no judgement there.

The best NYC personal trainers would advise to take measurements, weigh weekly or monthly which will help see if progress is getting close to achievement.

Diane, personal trainer NYC, signing off but one more thing. Setting goals is one thing, but it’s up to you to put things into motion. Make this year a great year even if you plan on working out without a personal trainer NYC.


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Diane Williams

Personal Trainer NYC and Former Plus Size Fashion Model for the Wilhelmina Modeling Agency of New York is a passionate supporter for the curvy girls of the world who she calls Curvy Goddesses.

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