January 3, 2012


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Ask The Personal Trainer, Diane
Welcome to another Ask the Personal Trainer NYC section of the site with another great question that most women are curious about when starting an exercise program and/or who are not experienced with the full-spectrum of training the body.

Being a personal trainer NYC, I have a great and unique opportunity to train many clients with many physical limitations and diverse fitness and health needs.

Whatever the need and goals it’s my job as a personal trainer NYC to collaborate with them in achieving them despite their physical limitations.

Danielle Asks Personal Trainer NYC, Diane Williams

So this question comes from Curvy Goddess, Danielle from the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

Question: I want to lose weight. That is an important and big goal of mine. And as a personal trainer NYC, I understand that you emphasize frequency and consistency. I am committed to doing that. I enjoy doing cardio exercises. Should I just do that since I want to lose weight?

Diane, Personal Trainer NYC Answers: Great question! I hear this many times from women who want to lose weight.

Personal Trainer NYC On Strength Vs. Cardio #1

Your objective when going through a weight loss program is to keep as much lean muscle tissue as possible. This helps metabolism and helps prevent the body from getting flabby and mushy while losing weight. We need to emphasize fat loss rather than weight loss.

Firm curves is what every woman wants. So that means incorporating a strength training exercise program in your overall weight loss program.

Personal Trainer NYC On Strength Vs. Cardio #2

Walking can be intense enough for a Curvy Goddess to lose weight. But it would probably benefit her for only about the first 6 weeks maximum and if she was just beginning an exercise routine.

As a personal trainer NYC I would never recommend someone to run if they are deconditioned. Walk before you run.

Personal Trainer NYC On Strength Vs. Cardio #3

Strength training is the magical solution. It truly is. If a woman had to choose between doing cardio or strength she would likely choose cardio exercise. As a personal trainer NYC I’ve seen this often.

But I know what most women want, especially Curvy Goddesses. They want the firmness of their curves. They want their silhouette to be shapely, sexy, and healthy.

Lose the fat but keep their shape. You can’t get the sculpted effect with cardio.

Without strength training you will be left with a slim body but with lots of flab.

Personal Trainer NYC On Strength Vs. Cardio #4

Based on the the American College of Sports Medicine for weight loss called Appropriate Physical Activity Intervention Strategies for Weight Loss and Prevention of Weight Regain for Adults:

You must do moderate intensity physical activity for 2.5 a week for modest weight loss and for significant weight loss more than 4 hours. For weight gain prevention you must involve yourself in physical activity for 2.5 – 4 hours a week. Strength training exercise needs to happen 2 to 3 times a week. The best NYC personal trainers would clearly agree with this recommendation.

Personal Trainer NYC On Strength Vs. Cardio #5

So this personal trainer NYC is emphasizing strength training for maximum fat loss and firm curves.

This may seem too much exercise for someone who has just started. But understand that our bodies are designed to move constantly. There are too many benefits to exercise to ignore and to make ‘not having time’ or it ‘being hard’ easy excuses.

As a personal fitness trainer NYC I understand that having a strong and firm body with strength training is sexier than a skinny flabby one. So get started now making strength training a habit will change your body and your life. Hope you enjoyed reading advice from a personal trainer NYC about strength training.


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Personal Trainer NYC and Former Plus Size Fashion Model for the Wilhelmina Modeling Agency of New York is a passionate supporter for the curvy girls of the world who she calls Curvy Goddesses.

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