January 28, 2012


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Female clients prefer female trainers
I’ve been a certified NYC personal trainer for over 11 years and I have observed that women who want to get serious with getting in-shape, reshaping their bodies and lose fat, seeking certified NYC personal trainer will likely pick a female certified NYC personal trainer over a male one.

There are many and various reasons why women make the decision to go with a female certified NYC personal trainer rather than a male. And personally I have trained with both male and female and most of the times I find that female fitness trainers have certain special qualities that most male trainers do not have. Unfortunately there are a lot less of us to choose from in the personal training in NYC pool.

The Search For The Certified NYC Personal Trainer

The ages of women who search for a certified NYC personal trainer range from 18-90. And they usually prefer a female certified NYC personal trainer over a male fitness trainer to get them in amazing shape based on various factors.

When a woman has made the decision to hire a certified NYC personal trainer, her goal and desires around training is to lose weight. Losing weight is such a very personal issue. Emotional and mental well-being and esteem are connected to her weight and her process of weight loss.

So when hiring a certified NYC personal trainer for personal training in NYC it’s more than just a fitness project because it’s very apparent that a woman’s identity is connected to her weight. It’s rather unfortunate but very true.

Can A Male Certified NYC Personal Trainer Understand A Female Client?

I believe that most male certified NYC personal trainers aren’t going to completely understand the reasons behind a woman’s weight issues and how her weight is more than just a number. And because of not being to wrap their minds around her weight issues their personal training approach with weight loss is going to be a lot less personal.

I do think that female clients have a need to connect with a certified NYC personal trainer through conversation and sharing while certified NYC personal trainers need to have the sensitivity to give them positive feedback and be able to listen intently understanding that there exists emotional and mental components in the process of losing weight and re-shaping the body from flab to fit.

Clearly, there are physiological differences comparing a woman’s body to a man’s. And there are also different preferences when re-shaping the body. Most female clients want a defined and toned body emphasizing toning the hips, butt, and thighs. A male certified NYC personal trainer will have the tendency to project his preferences onto his female clients especially if he does not have extensive experience in training.

certified nyc personal trainer
Complete Understanding of the Weight Loss Process
Another issue or factor in personal training is comfort level. A certified NYC personal trainer deals with bodies and movement. There are certain exercises that may seem uncomfortable for a woman to get into while a male certified NYC personal trainer is observing her form.

Certified NYC Personal Trainer Professionalism

One example of an exercise that may be embarrassing for a female client to get into with a male certified NYC personal trainer is called “The Bridge”. Basically the client is on her back and she is lifting her derriere off the floor and thrusting her hips to the ceiling. For most, this exercise is undeniably embarrassing.

Even if a woman has found a male who is considered a best personal trainer NYC and of utmost a professional, situations may come up that can be uncomfortable. Sometimes touching the client is involved for guidance and support. For instance, a certified NYC personal trainer may hold the client’s hand when she does step ups for the first time and fears of falling because she is not secure with her balance. In some cases this may lead to an awkward situation.

Certified NYC Personal Trainer Conclusion

Many reasons exist as to why a woman would rather hire a female certified NYC personal trainer as opposed to a male fitness trainer for personal training in NYC. I have covered a few important factors; from knowledge and understanding of the emotional and mental connection of a woman’s weight and her confidence and identity to avoiding any borderline inappropriate sexual situations. All of these factors are important to think about when making the final decision of hiring a certified NYC personal trainer.

A female certified personal trainer NYC can work at gyms and fitness studios. She can either be an employee of a fitness company or an independent certified NYC personal trainer and will work at a one-on-one personal training fitness studio. I believe that an independent certified NYC personal trainer is more reliable because she has usually been in the business for quite some time and have made it her career.


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Personal Trainer NYC and Former Plus Size Fashion Model for the Wilhelmina Modeling Agency of New York is a passionate supporter for the curvy girls of the world who she calls Curvy Goddesses.

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