February 11, 2012


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Boot Camp Safety
As a personal trainer NYC for over a decade, I have seen the evolution of health and fitness, the fads as well as the different philosophies that have stuck with us for years. The boot camp workout has been a very popular method to get into amazingly fit shape and to lose massive amounts of weight at a very fast rate. As an experienced personal trainer NYC I predict the boot camp workout will become a fitness staple in the industry for a very long time.

The creation of the term “Boot Camp Workout” started in the military during the orientation phase for all new recruits. The new recruits went through an intense boot camp training to be in peak condition. The two main reasons why boot camp programs are favored are because of its no-frills price tag so it’s quite inexpensive and because of its high intensity and full immersion aspect you get fit fast. The boot camp workout helps you watch your budget while supports your high purpose fitness goal.

As a personal trainer NYC, many of my colleagues, the best NYC personal trainers out there have started offering boot camp fitness programs in the New York area. With this type of intense training, what will you see in parks throughout America? You’ll see lots of sprinting, push-ups, jumping jacks, sit-ups, agility exercises, and other type of calisthenic exercises. Due to the high-impact and high-intensity elements of boot camp workouts it’s unfortunate that participants are susceptible to injuries especially if they are de-conditioned.

Many believe that going to extremes with workouts get us in-shape fast but that may not be the most effective nor the most realistic. As a personal trainer NYC, I will reveal 7 safety tips so you can participate in a boot camp workout without injury.

Personal Trainer NYC Tip #1

Be truthful to yourself and to the boot camp personal trainer NYC. When you answer all of the questions in the fitness and health eval make sure you are completely honest. This evaluation process and form gives the boot camp personal trainer NYC information to help safely design the boot camp workout.

Personal Trainer NYC Tip #2

Beforehand make sure you talk to the boot camp trainer. Communication is crucial. If you’re feeling sharp pain, please speak up. The personal trainer NYC will adjust the exercise in the boot camp workout plan for you.

Personal Trainer NYC Tip #3

Make sure to focus on correct movement and form. Make sure to not rush through the workout so you can concentrate on correct movement. Even though you’ve gone though the evalution and have had a conversation with your personal trainer NYC about your concerns understand that the safety of your body is completely your responsibility. Sometimes, it can be hard for the trainer to focus on you at all times when the groups are large

Personal Trainer NYC Tip #4

Lower the intensity level of the exercises based on the level of fitness. Walk briskly and if you can, jog instead of run or sprint; push-ups on knees rather than on your feet; squats rather than squats with jump.

Personal Trainer NYC Tip #5

Before the boot camp workout begins warm-up for about 10 minutes. Your heart rate will increase gradually, warming-up your muscles and lubricating your joints, preparing your body for an intense boot camp workout. Now you are ready to move that body hard.

Personal Trainer NYC Tip #6

Stretch afterwards. Stretching your body will keep it pliable and increase your range of motion that will help prevent injuries.

Personal Trainer NYC Tip #7

Get plenty of rest. This is where the body begins to recover and restore. Without suitable rest, your body will become extremely tired and is prone to tears, strains, and sprains.

The boot camp workout is a rising fitness trend of today. If you are fortunate to avoid any injuries during the workouts the boot camp workouts will result in fast results.

As a personal trainer NYC, I strongly suggest you follow the 7 strategies that will help you participate in a boot camp workout safely, you will meet your fitness goal fast without injury and lose fat fast.


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