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personal trainer nyc
Before and After Weight Loss Photos of Diane, CPT

Personal Trainer NYC and former plus size fashion model with the Wilhelmina Modeling Agency, Diane Williams, offers personal training in NYC for women with curves. This fat-burning turbo charging your metabolism using several exercise methods; Pilates, resistance training, functional/core, and cardiovascular training covers all bases for women who need to address not only fat loss issues but also bone loss, balance, and flexibility issues.

An All-In-One Personal Trainer NYC Program

“I wanted to design and offer Curvy Goddess Workout Personal Trainer NYC Program for women with curves because these women are open to getting in shape. They want to feel great and look beautiful. But honestly many personal trainers do not understand how to approach the curvy woman.”

As a certified fitness trainer for over 11 years she sees that personal trainers who offer personal training in NYC don’t understand and sometimes are reluctant to train curvy women.

fitness trainer nyc
Curvy Goddess Lounge Photo Shoot

Curvy Goddess Workout Personal Trainer NYC Program is created from deep personal motivation on Diane’s part because of her personal experience as a plus size woman. Before being certified as a personal trainer NYC, she wasn’t born loving exercise. It wasn’t a part of her life until later in her adult years while she became a plus size fashion model for the world famous modeling agency Wilhelmina Agency.

Personal Trainer NYC, Diane Williams Personal Experience

Diane, personal trainer NYC, was actually an obese child and had weight issues as a young adult reaching 250 pounds. She made the decision to hire a female trainer at her local gym and the transformation blew her mind!

“I couldn’t believe what exercise not only did to my body but to my confidence and mindset. Now I know how dramatically a health and fitness lifestyle can change the life of a woman who has had a hard time feeling good about her body,” Diane explains.

She continues, “It does take some time but if you work consistently with patience and with a personal trainer to guide you throughout the journey I would be very surprised if you didn’t get any solid results from the experience.”

About The Curvy Goddess Workout Personal Trainer NYC Program

personal trainer nyc
Diane Williams, Certified Personal Trainer NASM

Curvy Goddess Workout Personal Training NYC Program addresses certain issues that women with curves have. It’s not just about being skinny and for most of us skinny is not the goal but having a strong, lean, sexy body; a body that a Curvy Goddess can be proud of.

Diane says, “I want my clients to focus on long-term health and fitness goals, on a path to learning to love their bodies. Weight loss will be the by-product from these healthy and consistent daily fitness decisions.

“It’s not about being extreme with the body that a lot of them see on reality television shows for weight loss; diet deprivation and excessive, hyper-intense workout. Most likely this combination will lead to injuries, an superb formula for failure.”

Personal Trainer NYC, Diane Williams Professional Experience

personal trainer nycDiane Williams has been a certified personal trainer NYC for 11 years. The personal trainer NYC is certified by NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) She is also kickboxing certified, Spinning Certified, and a Lifestyle and Weight Mangement Consultant by the ACE (American Council of Exercise)

My personal training new york clients come from various fitness levels and backgrounds. Their age ranges from 19 – 89. Most have had previous injuries that need to be addressed while achieving other fitness and health goals with her. She is able to address those with shoulder, back, bone loss, knee, and muscular distortions created from lack of exercise in their lives.

“As a personal trainer NYC for over 14 years I really love what I do. Focusing on curvy women and guiding them on their weight loss and fitness journeys is an absolute thrill and blessing for me.”