Let me tell you something…

Success doesn’t happen overnight.

I’m sure you knew that, then why are you acting like you didn’t?

Why are you acting like you’re going to lose those 50, 60, 80, 100+ lbs in a few weeks?

Constantly getting on the scale more than once a day.

Disappointed because you only lost 1 lb this week.

Think you failed because you gave into that bite of brownie, so you decided to do more damage.

Success rewards the committed, the patient, the person who knows that the race is for life, so she’s setting herself up for a lifetime of health and joyful process which includes the downs along with the ups.

Success will not embrace constant struggle, impatience, self-torture, and self-deprecation.

Having the honor of being on my clients’ journeys I can see what works and what doesn’t.

A lot of it is hard. But there are many moments of triumph and celebration when they allow that to happen.

So be grateful for your life, your body, and being on your miraculous journey, where success can be yours.

If this is the morning, restate your habits and anything you’d like to add below.

If this is the evening, share how you did for the day and what you can do better if at all. Then share one thing you’re grateful for today.