Personal Trainer NYC – Featuring David Barton

Having your own personal trainer NYC is definitely an investment. The argument usually is about the value. Working out and implementing a new health and fitness lifestyle can change a person’s life. It did for me. Most of the fitness gurus and entrepreneurs were motivated by that impact on a personal level, including David Barton.…Continue Reading

Personal Training In NYC – Make the Most of the Opportunity

Paying for personal training in NYC services is looked at by the mainstream as a luxury item and would be a vanity expense because of how celebrity certified personal trainers are portrayed. In reality, most of us personal trainers are not like that. NYC personal trainer offering personal training in NYC are valued professionals as…Continue Reading

Female Certified NYC Personal Trainer Preferred By Female Clients

I’ve been a certified NYC personal trainer for over 11 years and I have observed that women who want to get serious with getting in-shape, reshaping their bodies and lose fat, seeking certified NYC personal trainer will likely pick a female certified NYC personal trainer over a male one. There are many and various reasons…Continue Reading

Personal Training In NYC Fitness Program Prevents The Sitting Disease

Many have been taking advantage of personal training in NYC to dodge the sitting disease, the new unfortunate trend from a sedentary life. Health and fitness experts and scientists are learning that a sedentary lifestyle is very dangerous to the quality of life of an individual and also will easily affect her life span. It…Continue Reading

Ask the Personal Trainer NYC – Strength Training Vs Cardio

Welcome to another Ask the Personal Trainer NYC section of the site with another great question that most women are curious about when starting an exercise program and/or who are not experienced with the full-spectrum of training the body. Being a personal trainer NYC, I have a great and unique opportunity to train many clients…Continue Reading

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