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Personal Trainer NYC – Featuring David Barton

personal trainer nycHaving your own personal trainer NYC is definitely an investment. The argument usually is about the value. Working out and implementing a new health and fitness lifestyle can change a person’s life. It did for me. Most of the fitness gurus and entrepreneurs were motivated by that impact on a personal level, including David Barton. The foundation of his fitness empire is from his personal experience and inspiration with fitness and health.

The Man Who Made Working Out Cool

ON a recent Thursday night, the 38,000-square-foot David Barton Gym on Astor Place was throbbing to the Scorpions’ “Rock You Like a Hurricane.” Up the white-plaster staircase, candles flickered in the virgin springwood-paneled yoga room. Down below, a line of porcelain doll heads grinned over the moodily lighted lobby as lithe young things churned past the reception desk, designer gym bags in tow.
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Personal Trainer NYC – The New Year’s Resolution Craze

Being a Personal Trainer NYC, I am well aware of the surge of members who come to the gym after January 1 because of their New Year’s Resolution. It’s unfortunate that most of these members will disappear in the coming weeks forgetting their goals with their motivation disappearing into thin air. I may be biased…Continue Reading

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