Cardio vs Weight Training For Fat Burn & Firm Curves

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I wanted to delve into a major problem that most women have when training to burn fat more efficiently while keeping their body firm.

I know that most of you are worried or fearful that you’re not going to keep your firmness while you’re losing the weight.

And that actually can happen if you’re not training/working out the right way.

Also, most women are afraid of getting too big if they are training with weights.

So from those two fears they will map out a workout plan that will basically be a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The typical workout routine for weight loss:

manhattan personal fitness training45 – 60 min of cardio. elliptical or treadmill.

manhattan personal fitness trainingWeights will consist of biceps curls with 5 lb weights and some triceps cable push-downs (for the flabby winged arms underneath).

manhattan personal fitness trainingThen on the mat, 50 – 100 crunches thinking that you’re spot reducing and melting fat around your middle.

The above example is not the right approach for firm curves while creating a fit and healthy body.

There is no such thing as spot reduction.

You can train the body to become stronger, create beautiful posture, and become a fat burning machine with more muscle.

The muscle is what creates the firmness and curves and prevents the flabbiness.

And Curvy Goddesses who want to re-shape their bodies must understand that weights will do wonders for the body without preventing bulk and overly huge size…unless you are on steroids.

Any questions?

Until Tomorrow, Stay Strong and Stunning!


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