Manhattan Personal Trainer – Day 26

You Have The Power

manhattan personal trainer

Most people have no idea of the giant capacity we can immediately command when we focus all of our resources on mastering a single area of our lives. — Tony Robbins

We are so very close to the finish line. Make sure that you keep your focus and your eyes on the prize.

The Curvy Goddess 30-Day Challenge Competition Rules

You reading this message means that you made a great effort in keeping up with this 30-Day Challenge and I applaud you on your dedication.

As I mentioned in the very beginning that there would be some prizes to those who gave it their all. I’m not looking for perfection but dedication, consistency, and a GREAT attitude, loving herself and showing her fellow sisters love too.

So the last piece of the competition is a request for you to submit a 4 – 5 sentence minimum your experience participating in the Curvy Goddess 30-Day Challenge.

You can include:

manhattan personal trainerBefore/After Pics

manhattan personal trainerWeight Loss Results

manhattan personal trainerInches Loss Results

manhattan personal trainerHow your attitude has changed about fitness and healthy eating

manhattan personal trainerHow your attitude about yourself has changed

manhattan personal trainerAny changes in strength and energy

Submit right below in the comments section ONLY on this day’s page. I will announce the winners on the last day of the Curvy Goddess Challenge, January 30.

Until Tomorrow, Stay Strong and Stunning!


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How Did You Do Today? Please Share With The Curvy Goddess Community Any Triumphs, Discoveries, Or Challenges…


2 responses to “Manhattan Personal Trainer – Day 26”

  1. Celine says:

    Today I actually went thru my closet and tossed most of my clothes away. I noticed the clothes were from 3,4 even 5 years ago. Clothes that I swore I was gonna fit into next summer. well During this challenge I realized I was trying to live in my past weight and shape instead of embracing the person I am today. I also noticed that reading the encouragement from the other ladies kept me going. I haven’t stepped on the scale yet because the 30 days isn’t up but I haven’t even had the compulsion to step on the scale. Curvy Goddess has opened my eyes to a new way of thinking, And a new way of loving me for me. Today exercise was great I actually went back to the mall and walked…would have been better if I had money 🙂 I still have 2 cups of water to go but its only 9pm so I have time. Thanks to all my fellow Goddesses.

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