New York City Personal Trainer – Day 6

Feel Grateful By Moving Your Body

new york city personal trainer

It seems more difficult believing this than just reading it here. Understand that you have one body, one temple. And it’s time to make the most of what you have. You can improve the quality of your body but don’t wait. You must take advantage of the present, of what you have now.

Be grateful for it. Because then you can create so much more…

Until Tomorrow, Stay Strong and Stunning!


new york city personal trainer

How Did You Do Today? Please Share With The Curvy Goddess Community Any Triumphs, Discoveries, Or Challenges…


30 responses to “New York City Personal Trainer – Day 6”

  1. shawana Mitchell says:

    Had orange juice and a banana. Now off to start my day.

  2. latavia says:

    This morning I had Quaker oats and water now I’m off to start my day..

  3. Tunisia says:

    I did a little moving around yesterday. In the blistering cold.
    Starting in meditation and prayer then I’m off to begin my day.

  4. Sagna says:

    Day 6, i’ve been doing okay. Definitely going to have to stay on my water. I have yet to make my commitment but I’m almost there. I am doing much better on my food intake. Looking forward to getting off bed rest today so I can start at least walking……

  5. Josie says:

    I’ve just started my day! Of course it was with my usual coffee and blueberry biscuits. I’m working on my water and exercise.
    I am having trouble posting some days, it’s not that I’m not checking, it’s just that I’m having trouble. Has anyone else had any problems!

  6. Flannell says:

    Ive been drinking more water and snacking on nuts. I walked for 30 minutes. I didn’t eat yesterday after 7 pm.

  7. Dale Moffitt says:

    Hello Friends! Today was a a super bad day, I had attitude at work, very needy clients and I had to remind myself over and over again that I need to take care of myself and not emotional or stress eat my comfort foods. I maintained, but it was hard! I ate my veggies and got my water in, and i walked 1 mile. LOL all in all I had a good day!

  8. Nicole M says:

    Good Evening Ladies!

    Today I am so thankful for preparation! I knew today was going to be an extremely busy day at the office so I made sure I had all my meals prepped.
    I drank my water also.

    Today was a good day! 🙂

  9. Cora AnuLeaseonlife Slaughter says:

    Well, the last few days haven’t been the best.. I have been down with the flu and liquids. A few more days on my meds..and hopefully I will be back on it. . Keep up the good work every one..

  10. Tami says:

    Day 6:Good day today. Stayed under my calorie goal with a good amount of veggies. Got in 14 glasses of water and stopped eating by 7pm.

  11. Jenna says:

    Day 6 and I’m doing ok. I got all my water in but I didn’t workout. I did do 10 minutes of yoga stretches though. I did get close again on eating my dinner after 7. Still no soda or sweets so yea. I haven’t given in or gave up yet so I say its a win today.

  12. Cresha says:

    I worked out and got my water in today

  13. erika says:

    Day 6 I got my water in,some veggies in and been doing activities that have me moving around more then usual so I have skipped on my walking. I however did eat something after 7,so still working on that not giving up

  14. shyrwita says:

    Did a really good workout. But I needed to drink more water.however the was good.

  15. Tiffany says:

    I have managed my green leafy veggies and water for days 5 and 6. The movement is getting me. My back hurts and I’m not sure why. Plus a I have a sick child.

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