NYC Personal Trainer, Diane Williams Asks, “Would You Go To Personal Trainers Who Don’t Understand And Appreciate The Beauty Of Your Curves?”

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Why would you hire a NYC personal trainer that doesn’t appreciate you? Why would you do such a thing? Even if it’s the best personal trainer NYC in the whole wide world.

Is it because that is all there is in this world? Personal trainers who have never been in your shoes and you think there aren’t any other personal trainers out there who get you?

Well I do…

I’m a NYC personal trainer gets it and gets YOU!

I have been a NYC personal trainer for over 14 years and I can tell you that there aren’t many personal trainers who are able to train curvy women in the right way. And I truly don’t think they want to.

So who am I?

nyc personal trainer

My name is Diane Williams and before I created my Curvy Goddess brand and had a fan page of almost 70,000 strong I became a NYC personal trainer. I’ve been a full-time NYC personal trainer for over 14 years now.

And before I was a NYC personal trainer I was a plus size fashion model for the famous Wilhelmina Modeling Agency in New York.

I have been there myself. I have stood where you stand now. Wanting and needing help and I went through a lot of trial and error.

I wasn’t so happy with my body and I wasn’t very healthy. Before being a NYC personal trainer I really struggled with my weight and self image issue. And it has been a very painful path for me.

nyc personal trainer

I actually think I look cute with my chubby cheeks at the age of 9 but back then I didn’t feel cute.

But at that age gym class was traumatic for me. I wished that it was just a nightmare because I could wake up from a nightmare but it was my reality.

So being a fat kid just wasn’t enough. The nightmare wasn’t over when I became an adult.

Here I am at the of 24.

weight loss personal trainer nyc

I didn’t feel great about myself.

And it was time to do something about it.

Because I didn’t want to feel trapped or depressed any longer.

So I started on my quest to lose weight and get in-shape.

I’ve tried EVERYTHING.

So before I hired a NYC personal trainer I tried:

weight loss personal trainer nycCleansing

weight loss personal trainer nycEating pre-packaged meals

weight loss personal trainer nycCutting calories dramatically

weight loss personal trainer nycJuicing

I even tried increasing my workouts until I was working out sometimes 3 – 4 hours a day.

But I just was not able to be consistent and stick with it and eventually I would fail and all of those failed experiences made me feel like a failure.

I even sought out the help of not just one NYC personal trainer but many NYC personal trainers throughout my journey, about 24 of them to be exact…

One NYC personal trainer would get irritated at me sometimes and basically growl at me.

personal training nyc

Another NYC personal trainer actually injured me.

…And another NYC personal trainer tried to starve me.

Even another personal trainer in New York asked me out on a date and I felt completely awkward and pressured.

So after not just one NYC personal trainer, but after 24 of them I wondered what the heck was wrong with me. It didn’t cross my mind that these NYC personal trainers couldn’t support me in the way that I needed and that was possible.

I kept asking myself, “Why do I keep failing even with a NYC personal trainer?”

Although I didn’t know the answer to these questions I knew I couldn’t quit.

I, at least knew I had to do it differently.

There were 3 things that I finally figured out I needed to do that is the foundation of The Curvy Goddess 30 Day Fitness and Weight Loss Challenge.

weight loss personal trainer nycI was patient with myself and enjoyed the journey.

weight loss personal trainer nycI started to love myself NOW rather than wait to enjoy and love myself after the weight loss.

weight loss personal trainer nycI was around fitness experts and professionals who were emotionally supportive and positive who didn’t judge me.

Now you have me, exclusively as your fitness professional and NYC personal trainer.

And I am so glad that you have stumbled to this place. It’s my NYC personal trainer site, Curvy Goddess Workout.

It feels great to know that I have stumbled and struggled through knowing that it was not in vain but to make myself not only a better person but to make myself a better and more empathetic professional and NYC personal trainer.

So let’s do something completely different than what is expected of us.

Instead of being satisfied with what is out there and choosing from the slim pickings of weight loss and fitness experts let’s create a community of women who want to get healthy and fit while appreciating the beauty of their curves.

personal trainer in New York

The Curvy Goddess way is all about accepting yourself, your size, and your body while improving your health and fitness levels and it seems that may be a paradox but it really is the only way, the compassionate way.

So it’s time to do it again together. Focusing on creating a healthy and fit lifestyle the Curvy Goddess way with the Curvy Goddess 30 Day Fitness and Weight Loss Challenge.

The Curvy Goddess 30 Day Fitness and Weight Loss Challenge has been an extremely popular online event for many Curvy Goddesses who desire to focus on getting healthy and lose some weight while being in a positive and supportive group for 30 days.

Some may think that 30 days is really not long enough but it truly can be a powerful launch and kick-off to lifetime health and fitness.

Check out some of the Curvy Goddess Challengers’ feedback:

30 day challenge

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Thank u so much for preparing this NYC Personal Trainer 30 Day Challenge for us. I have been in several challenges and never stuck with them. I did lose weight and I’m proud of myself. I am going to continue my weight loss journey and my healthy lifestyle. Congratulations to all the ladies that were in this challenge with me. U r the best!
— Tuwana


30 day challenge

[ez_box title=”We Did It!” color=”blue”]

We did it! We completed the NYC Personal Trainer 30 Day Challenge!! Congratulations to everyone on your awesome efforts, persistence, and dedication! It is really inspiring to be part of something that showed just how strong we really are and how much we care about ourselves. I have been continually impressed by our willingness to be imperfect learners and our ability to continue to push forward despite setbacks. Change is not a straight line, and I was glad to be part of that with everyone.

I want to thank everyone for their support – those who were in this challenge with me and those who (to my surprise!) supported me through Facebook, texts, and discussions. I was so moved by the words of encouragement. I had always been afraid to tell people of my attempts to become healthier due to a lifetime exposure to fat-shaming and being afraid to admit to others there were things that I wanted to change, but every bit of feedback that I have gotten has been so heartwarming.

My goals were small – 8 glasses of water a day, no carbs after 4pm – but they definitely made a big impact. Not only did I lose a couple of pounds and some inches, but it helped me put my change process into perspective. I have been notorious in making big gestures at weight loss – overhauling (or planning to) my diet, changing everything about my lifestyle, etc. – but those changes proved to be overwhelming and ultimately detrimental to my goals and my self-esteem. The small changes that I have made over the past 30 days helped me to build a foundation for future positive changes and helped me to curb the pursuit of instant gratification.

I am so happy that I started this journey for myself with the help of this NYC Personal Trainer Curvy Goddess Challenge program and the community.

— Christina Clements


30 day challenge

[ez_box title=”I’m On Track Again!” color=”blue”]

I ended the NYC Personal Trainer Curvy Goddess Challenge with a fabulous run. I’m on track with exercise and will definitely be continuing. As long as the weather holds, I’ll be exercising outside on my lunch break. On nasty days, I have your workouts to do inside with weights and resistance bands.

I will also be concentrating on taking care of my spirit. There’s a lot of family stuff going on right now. Taking care of me is like putting on the oxygen mask first in an airplane emergency – it allows me to take care of those around me better.

— Kelly Green Redwine


So yes. 30 days can be powerfully effective to kick-start a lifetime of health and fitness and create a NEW YOU!

So is The Curvy Goddess 30 Day Fitness and Weight Loss Challenge for you?

The Curvy Goddess 30 Day Fitness and Weight Loss Challenge is for you if:

weight loss personal trainer nycYou want to be motivated, inspired, and focused on your fitness and weight loss journey.

weight loss personal trainer nycYou need the support and encouragement from a community of like-minded and spirited curvy women.

weight loss personal trainer nycYou need to wipe out and destroy the procrastination disease once and for all and grab today by the jewels.

The Curvy Goddess 30 Day Fitness and Weight Loss Challenge is not for you if:

weight loss personal trainer nycYou expect to lose 30 pounds in 30 days.

weight loss personal trainer nycYou think you have no time to be healthy and fit.

weight loss personal trainer nycYou are just chronically a downer and mean-spirited and will pull everybody else with you.

So I think I’m sure you know if this is for you or not for you. 🙂

We all start on Thursday, January 1, 2015 and I am so very excited to be able to guide you along with with the other Curvy Goddesses.

The last time I held The Curvy Goddess Challenge there were well over 1200 signed up.

You can actually feel the energy through the interwebs supporting each other with great enthusiasm and love.

I cannot wait!!!

So now it’s time to sign up and get ready for the Pre-Challenge Fun!

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After you have signed up make sure you go to your email account. You’ll receive your confirmation email and YOU MUST CONFIRM THE LINK that is in that email.

If you didn’t get it then you need to check your SPAM folder.

You’re a little early but that’s alright because I want you to share, share, share this page PLUS we are going to do a NYC Personal Trainer 30 Day PRE-Challenge affair until the beginning of Challenge to get your mind and spirit right, feeling absolutely fabulous.

I’m not sure if you know but when you’re feeling fabulous about yourself and looking forward to your living then creating a healthy and fit lifestyle is not drudgery, pain, and struggle but it’s all about looking forward and giving and receiving positive support to and from your Curvy Goddess sisters.

We are going to ELEVATE ourselves in the NYC Personal Trainer Curvy Goddess 30 Day Challenge.

How does that sound?

That is our central theme for this NYC Personal Trainer Curvy Goddess 30 Day Challenge…

personal training nyc

So make sure that you sign-up below if you want to participate in the NYC Personal Trainer Curvy Goddess 30 Day Challenge in January. You will receive a couple of emails from me with details to the pre-challenge fun!

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