Calories are not built the same. As a NYC personal trainer, I have the unique opportunity to see this first hand when clients want to lose weight. 

Jane has PCOS and is pre-diabetic. She is counting calories, but she consumes mostly sugar and carb-laden meals. She’s not losing much weight and she’s miserable because she is craving non-stop! 

Cassie also has PCOS and she’s diabetic, but she chooses to follow the Hunger Scale and stick with whole foods. About 10 days into her meal plan she’s no longer craving sugar and other carbs. 


When long-term health comes into play then you cannot ignore the kind of food you’re consuming. 

A 350 calorie donut is not going to affect you in the same way as a 350-450 calorie healthy whole food meal. 

You have to consider if what you eat is going to support your body’s healing process from inflammation, high-blood sugar, and chronic exhaustion.

What is better? 

Losing weight in a healthy way and being more relaxed during the processed or losing weight while obsessively counting calories, getting on the scale multiple times a day while doubting yourself every moment in the process? 

I have found that it’s possible to not get so obsessive over the process, that’s why most of my clients are not counting calories every time they’re eating and not thinking about how much they weigh multiple times a day. 

And when they have to read a food label because they are eating something packaged they focus on quality ingredients and their macro allowance in combination with the Hunger Scale.

Kashira has lost 14.8 lbs so far just doing that while doing Curvy Goddess Workouts that I designed for her.

personal trainer nyc food label reading

Rudi has lost 32 lbs.

personal trainer nyc rudi lost 32 lbs

So what I created for you is a Food Label Guide, basically demystifying food label reading and using the knowledge to support your weight loss and health goals. 

Are you interested? 

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