If you’re in the Curvy Goddess Facebook group with 6.5K members it’s hard not to get motivated to start on your weight loss and fitness journey. But if you’re still not motivated, don’t wait for it to happen before starting, because it may never happen which means that you’ll delay your weight loss and health transformation.

I think it’s a bad move thinking that you’ll need to succumb to this feeling of motivation as a reason enough to start.

What’s a better reason to start now?

  • Not having to deal with a weight problem at the age of 60 0r 70
  • Not having to pay medical bills and have to pay for medication
  • Having all-day energy 
  • Being pain-free
  • Being able to walk into a clothing store and being able to pick any outfit off the rack
  • Not having to use filters off your phone

All of these are enough reasons to start without this feeling of motivation that who knows where or how it’s going to arrive. 

So if you can’t start NOW, then write a list of what your life can be if you start…

Then start. 

If it’s the morning, restate your habits down below.

If it’s the evening, share how you did and what you can do better, if possible. And share one thing you’re grateful for today.