NYC Personal Training – Day 16

Enjoy The Walk Along Your Chosen Path

nyc personal training

I have a question for you, Curvy Goddess.

Do you ever think that your life will suddenly change when you reach your goal?

I certainly have.

But now I’m starting to believe that this is it. That I start the process of change right when I start my journey. It doesn’t happen all at once right when I reach my destination in a dramatic way.

It’s progressive. In the beginning, it may seem very subtle. Beliefs about yourself start to change.

You start liking real whole fruit and vegetables.

You like drinking your water.

You love your daily exercise.

So I believe the treasure is discovered along your chosen path, not at the end.

What do you think?

Until Tomorrow, Stay Strong and Stunning!


personal training new york

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2 responses to “NYC Personal Training – Day 16”

  1. tami says:

    Day 16:Today was an OK day, but I’ve dealt with fatigue all week. Therfore, it’s been hard to be active. Just have to push through it.

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