For plus size women who need a female personal trainer NYC because they are more comfortable around the idea of a woman training them, I’m available.

My name is Diane Williams and I’ve been a certified personal trainer NYC for over 18 years.

My fully-equipped fitness studio is located in Manhattan and I have a a full list of training services. I specialize in training plus size women because I do believe they have unique needs and desires.


Fat-Burning Exercise Programs for Plus Size Women

I’ve designed fat-burning exercise programs specifically for the plus size women called Curvy Goddess Workouts.

If you need to lose weight and build firm curves, while getting healthy then Curvy Goddess Personal Training is perfect for you.


No Extreme Exercises, Like BootCamp and CrossFit

Exercises created that aren’t extreme, like bootcamp workouts or CrossFit, but just as effective. So you’ll come back for more, giving you the consistency and building your confidence while you reshape your curvy body.


No Eyes Are On You, Except for Mine

Don’t worry about people watching you, because that just doesn’t happen in my private fitness studio. The studio is spacious, clean, and exclusive, but you don’t have to worry about having to wear Lululemon from top to bottom or look your best while working out because you’re stepping into a judgment-free spot!

Now, how great it that?

You’re here to make things happen with your body, achieve an important goal with my help. And that can be stressful enough.

Why worry about one more thing?

People looking at you…


Contact Female Personal Trainer NYC

It doesn’t happen in my fitness studio. So that’s why I’ve had hundreds of satisfied clients who searched for and found and hired a female personal trainer NYC.

If you’re seriously thinking about taking the next step and hire a female personal trainer NYC, CLICK HERE for more information and fill out the application. This will let me know how to help you better on your weight loss and health journey.

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