Are you done feeling and looking like a disaster? And thinking about finding a personal trainer NYC who can help you finally lose weight and get healthy?


An online personal training program might be your speed.

Online personal training may be for you if…

  • You’re hesitant in hiring and seeing a personal trainer face-to-face


  • You’re intimidated by a fitness gym setting


  • You’re more comfortable working out home instead of a big box gym


  • You need more flexibility with your time to work out rather than set times


The Curvy Goddess online personal training program is a one-on-one, complete personal training and coaching program that will give you the accountability you need with the convenience and comfort of working out in your home.

The online personal training program includes:

  • Curvy Goddess Workouts so you can burn the fat while creating firm curves so you can feel good and confident about your body again.


  • Healthy Eating Plan – your choice of two plans based on your goals and health history.


  • Accountability Check-Ins, so you can be on track and consistently motivated.


  • Coaching Calls, so we can troubleshoot together and get the results you want.


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