Day 2 – You Can Go Far If You Continue…

personal trainer new york city

Hey Curvy Goddess,

You are on your second day of the Personal Trainer New York City Curvy Goddess 30 Day Challenge.

I wanted to give you a shot of encouragement in the beginning. And my plan is to give you shots of encouragement all throughout the 30 days.

You can succeed with anything that you focus on. The key is to see your goals as something fun yet challenging but achievable with opportunities to learn about yourself.

You can achieve it.

And you not only get the prize of a healthy and fit body but so much more.

You get my support. I’m a personal trainer in New York City with over 14 years of experience.

You will have all of these surprises that will show up in your life during this process of health and fitness. People, experiences, and things that you could never have imagined for yourself will arrive.

I’d like to share with you my personal story regarding how I started in the fitness industry as a personal trainer New York City

This is the extra, extra, extra brief version of my life a personal trainer New York City and why I was inspired to create Curvy Goddess Workout and Curvy Goddess LLC.

personal trainer new york city

I’ve struggled with my weight throughout my life. It’s been an issue as long as I can remember. I knew I was different and I felt that “being heavy” or “being chubby” was not a good thing.

I wonder who implanted that idea in my head? Because as a child you learn those things from adults.

personal trainer new york city

I went on diets constantly. I started dieting when I was 15 years old but never got into fitness until I became a plus size fashion model for the Wilhelmina Modeling Agency in New York City.

Kind of ironic…

I hired a number of trainers trying to find the best fit for me…20 actually.

There was a lot of feeling shame about my weight. And they seemed to want to practically beat it out of me.

The whole process seemed abusive. There is no joy involved if you have a personal trainer who thinks that being a big girl is just bad, bad, bad. Even if they don’t say anything about it the body language actually say it all.

But I did finally found my groove and found a handful of professional and compassionate trainers along my journey.

personal trainer new york city

I finally associate exercise with feeling good and freedom!

I understood the important of exercise and I embrace the whole process, not just the end reward.

Weight lifting and resistance training was vital for a woman. To be able to feel strong in her body and to melt the fat and create firm curves that she so much desired.

personal trainer new york city

So when I took the plunge into getting certfied and a personal trainer New York City I discovered there was a lot of biasness and prejudice in the fitness industry.

Most of the trainers thought I was going to quit after a few weeks of being hired. I didn’t quit because I was really passionate about what I was doing.

I really wanted to become a personal trainer New York City and make a difference in women’s lives through fitness.

So I was persistent and studied hard and asked questions about training and fitness whenever I had the opportunity.

I became one of the top 10 trainers out of 3000 in the company after being there for just a few months.

I felt that was such a huge victory for me since I was a plus size women in an industry where I was a minority.

Remember, most fitness trainers at the time were men. I was one of two women in a group of over 40 men.

My fees are the norm in a competitive industry. I charge $150 – $80/hour depending on the package a client chooses and she may see me 2 – 4 times a week.

I definitely have a very unique perspective by being plus size and being certified for over 14 years in a very competitive part of the country, NYC.

So I am so excited to be able to support you the best I can with my knowledge base and unique perspective.

So remember…Please Do Not Quit!

You have an opportunity in front of you to create great health and fitness for yourself. In 30 days from now you’re going to be so proud of yourself for choosing this path.

Until Tomorrow, Stay Strong and Stunning!


personal training new york

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