Personal Trainer NYC Testimonial #1


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Elisabeth has lost 50 lbs!

When Elisabeth decided to hire me as her personal trainer NYC it took her a few months to sharpen her focus. As a personal fitness trainer for 14 years that is expected. Most of my clients start in slowly meaning they don’t get all of the components (diet, cardio, personal fitness trainer New York sessions) together right away.

Elisabeth is a classic example but it doesn’t mean that these clients who are starting slowly into the personal trainer NYC Curvy Goddess Workouts are not going to reach their goals. After about 3 months of consistent training with me as her personal trainer in New York, it was time to hit it hard. And she did. I am so proud of her for losing the 50 lbs.

“Before I started working out with Diane, I was very discouraged, unhappy, and unmotivated. I have been overweight most of my life, only having a few years where I was at a good, healthy weight. My weight has been a struggle for me ever since the doctor told my mom that I needed to join Weight Watchers at the age of 10. I have worked out before and tried every diet out there, and some would work. However, I would not stick with them and the weight would always come back.

In January 2011, at the age of 34 and at 5 ft 5 ½ inches, I weighed in at my heaviest of 202 lbs, size 16. I decided at that point to lose weight but lost only about 5 lbs. In May 2011 I decided to join the Curvy Goddess Workouts Personal Training program. I liked the idea of working out with a fitness trainer who understood what it was like being plus size.

I did not want to just join a gym because I knew that I would not have the motivation to stick with the workouts and I was embarrassed at my size knowing that I would be one of the heaviest people there and I wouldn’t be able to keep up in the gym with everyone else.

At Curvy Goddess Workout Personal Trainer NYC, Diane provided the knowledge, training, and support that I needed to kick start my weight loss. And within a few weeks I was already seeing results. I personally needed the accountability that working out with Diane and joining Curvy Goddess Personal Training provided to me. It helped to know that I wasn’t alone.

Diane really focused the training on heavier/curvier women. She understood our bodies and our struggles. She pushed me to succeed and keep up with the exercising. Asking Diane to become my personal trainer NYC was one of the best decisions I’ve made. Over a 6 month period, with Diane as my personal trainer NYC, plus continuing with altering my diet, I was able to lose 50 lbs! I now weigh in at 152 and can fit into a size 8!

I know I’m not done with my weight loss and I understand now that this is a lifestyle that I have to keep up with. But as a personal trainer NYC with experience and empathy and a perfect amount of firmness, Diane has given me the skill set to continue working out to stay healthy. I have finally joined a gym and I love seeing that I can keep up with the skinniest of them!”

— Elisabeth, W., 35

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Personal Trainer NYC Testimonial #2

personal training nyc
Kaaron Before and After Curvy Goddess Workout

Kaaron came to me as a size 14 after a number of knee surgeries and decades of non-activity. She was limping but she was open enough to commit to a couple of sessions and when she enjoyed it she committed to Curvy Goddess Workout Personal Trainer NYC Program completely.

Kaaron reached her goal because she was not only determined but because she started no matter what, she was consistent, AND she gave herself a year instead of 12 weeks. Kaaron is now a healthy, confident, radiant, and energetic size 6.

“I joined Curvy Goddess Workout Personal Trainer NYC Program at the end of August 2009 on a trial run: I’ll try one session, if I don’t like it I won’t go back.” I have been going consistently to Curvy Goddess Workout Personal Trainer NYC ever since that first time. I started out with a limp and a brace on my left knee. After a few months I took off that knee brace and have not worn it since. Now I bounce up flights of subway steps instead of dragging myself up. If you’re not comfortable in a “regular” gym and have been thinking and planning that “someday” you’ll start exercising, “someday” is today if you chose to make it so.”

— Kaaron S., 51

Personal Trainer NYC Testimonial #3

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Sandra 20 lbs. Later!

When it comes to perseverance Sandra is definitely the reigning Queen. She just doesn’t quit. Even when she has had a bad week in the Curvy Goddess Workout Personal Trainer Program she processes it and moves forward as quickly as possible. You just can’t fail with this strategy.Perseverance is the quality you need when you’ve decided to commit yourself to the Curvy Goddess Workout Personal Trainer NYC Program. Because honestly you’re not going to be perfect. So let’s just commit, move forward, and truly understand that you’re in it for the long haul. Sandra understands this.

“Before training with Diane, I had very little confidence. I was previously very successful at weight loss, losing over 80 lbs and maintaining for over 3 years. Due to some personal issues, I put back all the weight I had lost. I felt defeated, like a total failure.

When I first entered Diane’s Curvy Goddess Workout Personal Trainer NYC Program, I was nervous. Diane immediately put me at ease with her calm manner. I told her where I was at – and she inspired the confidence that she could help me get back to where I needed to be.

The Personal Trainer NYC Curvy Goddess Workout was challenging, but not impossible. Diane truly understands the unique challenges of a plus-sized client, and tailors the workout accordingly to move your fitness level forward.

I now work out with Diane 2x a week. I have gone down 20 lbs and 3 dress sizes. I found a love for exercise that I never felt before, it has truly become a part of my life. I have also been able to increase my endurance tremendously. I am able to take 90 minute Spinning classes without issue. Diane is a strong woman and inspires the same strength in her clients. I am thrilled to be able to have Diane as my personal trainer NYC to reach my fitness goals.”

— Sandra B.., 34


Personal Trainer NYC Testimonial #4

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Roselyn Before and After Curvy Goddess Workout

Roselyn needed some motivation to stick to her weight loss goals while on Weight Watchers and thought this might be a good way to give her firm, confident, sexy curves while sticking to her plan. While she decided to hire me, her personal trainer NYC, she continued to with her weight management program. Although there were set-backs with her Curvy Goddess Workout Personal Trainer NYC Program, she never gave up. She understood what they were and shared with me so we were able to get her back on track with the Curvy Goddess Workout Personal Trainer NYC Program quite quickly.

“I signed up for Diane’s Curvy Goddess Workout Personal Trainer NYC and as a result, I’ve lost two dress sizes! My body has transformed and my context of fitness has completely shifted! I’m on my way to becoming a “Curvy Goddess Warrior!” Diane is an awesome personal trainer NYC who totally understands my needs! It is very empowering when you actually start loving your personal trainer NYC workout sessions and start taking ownership for the Curvy Goddess within you.”

— Roselyn B., Personal Life Coach, 37


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Personal NYC Testimonial #5

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Healthy, Happy, and Strong Ricki

When I met Ricki, I sensed that she was very meticulous and thorough. She made sure that I speak to her doctor about her osteopenia so we were both on the same page. For Ricki, it was all about putting her at ease and giving her solid, basic exercises in the beginning and progressing her gradually. She got spectacular results. She is a strong, energetic woman. By the way she has beautiful posture that I don’t see much when I observe people walking in the streets of NYC.”I was advised by a bone specialist to work with a personal trainer NYC so I could build up my bones. Osteoporosis runs in my family and I already had the beginning stages, so I wanted to nip it in the bud, before it became a serious problem.

I decided to hire Diane as my personal trainer NYC, where I saw her twice a week. That was nine years ago, and I’m still training with her. In our personal trainer NYC program, our routine is primarily strength training, which has gotten harder and harder through the years. I could barely hold five pound weights when I started and now work regularly with 12 pound weights.

And the results have been amazing. Not only did the personal training in NYC almost totally reverse my bone loss, but I also lost my all the flab around my belly and chest and and firmed up my muscles. I also dropped around 18 pounds and went from a size 8-10 to a 4-6, without dieting or trying to lose weight. That wasn’t even my goal, since I wasn’t overweight, just a bit flabby. My doctors are especially impressed. One recently commented that I had a really firm abdomen.

Diane has been a terrific personal trainer, I think. She pushes me, but doesn’t overdo it. Somehow she always remembers what we did from week to week, and manages to make it a bit harder periodically. She’s also easy to talk to and sympathetic when I’ve had an ache or a problem and couldn’t do the whole routine. I would happily recommend her to anyone who is serious about hiring a personal trainer NYC.

She always says that people are successful if they are consistent about their training, and I totally agree with her. I have continued the routine week after week, except when out of town, all these years. I wasn’t always in the mood…who is? but stuck with it, and was rewarded with more energy, improved health and a better body image.”

— Ricki F., 72

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“I used to go to the gym regularly but felt that I needed a change so I decided to hire a personal trainer NYC. I made the decision to hire Diane as my personal trainer. I’ve been training with Diane for almost a year now and I couldn’t be more pleased with my progress.Being a young lawyer in the city, working crazy hours leaves little time for myself but hitting the gym is important to relieve stress and keep me going. Working with Diane helps me stay focused. Together we set goals. Within the first few weeks I noticed changes in my body and overall have increased the muscle tone in my arms, thighs, stomach and butt.

Diane is always willing to work with my hectic schedule and motivates me to stay committed to a healthy lifestyle. An added bonus is Diane’s bright personality and kindness. I would have to say that Diane has become more than just my personal trainer NYC, she’s become a friend.”

– Dana L., 30


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“I had pretty much given up on the gym when I turned 40; I had started and stopped so many times. Then I met Diane and hired her as my personal trainer NYC as a last ditch effort to keep everything from hitting the floor. What a turnaround — 35lbs. lost later and looking better than I did at 20, I am so happy to have her guidance and expertise in crafting a body that I am proud of. Exercise and diet are now an integral part of my life. I look and feel great!”– Jean F., 45


“I decided to hire a personal trainer for NYC personal training because I wasn’t getting the results I wanted on my own. After observing how intense and committed Diane was with her clients, I decided she would be my trainer too. Only a few weeks after I started NYC personal training with her, I could see changes in my body; I was more toned, firmer and I felt more confident about my abilities to work out and achieve certain physical goals. She talked to me about all aspects of living a healthy lifestyle. Not only was Diane a wonderful NYC personal trainer, but she became a friend too. She really cares about her clients’ well-being.”– Sofia V. 37


“This is an excellent way to get into shape. The one-on-one Curvy Goddess Workout Personal Trainer NYC focus is awesome. Diane is a true personal trainer NYC professional and the facilities were great.”— Jessica B.


“Great value. This is a great way to exercise without “donating” money to NYSC, Equinox, etc. Diane and her Curvy Goddess Workout Personal Trainer NYC is awesome. It’s a great way to get your weekend started!”— Cassandra P.


“Diane Williams is a wonderfully gifted fitness trainer. Her calm strength, deep-rooted experience and compassion have helped to transform my attitude toward fitness and health. I recommend her highly for NYC Personal Training.”— Jessica C., 62


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