Personal Trainer Weight Loss Program – Day 1

personal trainer weight loss program

Happy New Year Curvy Goddess!

It’s time again to embark on your Curvy Goddess Fitness and Weight Loss 30 Day Challenge journey.

You will have lots of company on this January 2015 Curvy Goddess Personal Trainer Weight Loss Program Challenge journey.

Your fellow Curvy Sisters have also committed to be on their own health and fitness journey. And I’m so excited that I will be there with you every step of the way.

And I am actually on the journey with you not only supporting you but creating my own personal health and fitness goals.

I want to make sure that you pay attention to your email inbox for the next 30 days because in the morning and the evening I’m going to reach out to you.

On each page there will be something special for you to learn and/or give you a surge of energy so that you can continue on your healthy and fit path that you’ve chosen for yourself.

I am sooooo excited for you, for me, and for ALL OF US!


Day 1 – Winning By Starting…

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So I want to talk about strategy on this personal trainer weight loss program 30 day challenge.

I think most of us are so focused on being perfect because we think that that’s what’s going to give us success. I know that I have bought into this kind of thought process.

And it’s all WRONG. Yes. I said WRONG.

personal trainer weight loss programSo when approaching this personal trainer weight loss program 30 day challenge it’s not about “being perfect” but it’s about getting started even when you think you’re not ready.

personal trainer weight loss programHolding onto the idea that you have to be perfect is going to slow you down greatly or it may likely stop you from ever achieving your fitness and weight loss goals.

personal trainer weight loss programThe personal trainer weight loss program journey is not going to be one organized, neat, and clean journey. It’s going to be messy.

personal trainer weight loss programAnd you’re probably going to be a mess if you’re doing it right. Because you’re going to meet some of your demons. On your personal trainer weight loss program 30 day challenge you’re going to slay those demons, one by one.

personal trainer weight loss programSo what’s more important to you? Being perfect or getting results? If you want to get results then you better drop the perfectionist role fast.

personal trainer weight loss programAll of my clients who give it up are the ones who progress the farthest because they are truly in the process of “doing” and “being” rather than being in their heads.

Hope this gave you the jolt you needed to get started today.

Until next time Curvy Goddess, Stay Strong and Stunning!


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How Did You Do Today? Please Share With The Curvy Goddess Community Any Triumphs, Discoveries, Or Challenges…


74 responses to “Personal Trainer Weight Loss Program – Day 1”

  1. Rebekah says:

    I drank a 1/2 cup of cinnamon tea which isgreat for reduciing your waist size. I also did 15 minutes of crunches,squats,and weightlifting. I also do the Atkins low carb diet 🙂 And I’ve been doing it since the summer

  2. serenity says:

    Today …I drank green tea and started 90x… not perfect but i give it my best.

  3. Dana says:

    Started my day with lemon water. Eggs, bacon, wheat toast. Prayer.

  4. Brandi says:

    I’ve had 2 glasses of water read a scripture and I’m about start my exercises. For breakfast I had an apple and kale protein smoothie instead of adding sugar I used agave nectar for my sweetener.

  5. Tiahana says:

    Off to a rough start today due to being sick but still plan on getting in my water and workout.

  6. Kesha says:

    I had three tablespoons of cream of wheat and water for breakfast…Only got in 15 minutes of walking..I would like to hear more about the cinnamon tea that was mentioned earlier…Also, what options are all trying as far as snacks?..One of my biggest problems is due being busy(whether its work or life in general), I don’t eat(snack) so by meal time I’m famished…Not good..What are some healthy quick snack options you ladies are eating? And how often do you eat to keep your metabolism going?..(hope its ok to ask these questions :0/ )

    • For snacks you want to keep it to whole foods. A fruit or vegetable with protein. There are many many options. If your blood sugar levels do not fluctuate drastically then you won’t need to snack all throughout the day bc you won’t be feeling hungry all the time. Stick to whole food, real food.

  7. Josie says:

    I have had coffee and some nature valley breakfast blueberry biscuits today and drinking my water.

  8. Cora AnuLeaseonlife Slaughter says:

    Today, I drunk 7 glasses of water, I had eggs and rice for breakfast, 2 salads for snack, chicken and broccoli rice bake for dinner, I danced to my gospel music and sang my heart out. I also sat with myself for 20 minutes reflecting on my future.

  9. Patti says:

    Good day! Lots of water and some fruit!

  10. Tiki says:

    I did great with my water today. My issue is not eating enough and today wasn’t anything different. I tried to eat earlier but got nauseous. In my case, I have to eat more to lose and this well be my struggle.

  11. latavia says:

    I drunk 5 glasses of water and tried to eat w please foods to the e’er best of my ability but I have to go shopping in Monday to fully have What I need..

  12. Eboni Davis says:

    Today I drank 8 glasses of water and even though I’ve been sick I pushed myself to get up and get
    Out and exercise and do a little shopping in the process

  13. DawnMarks says:

    I am very depressed BUT IM still pushing – cleansed my home with Worship, meditation and praise.

    No carbs at all today and I didn’t even plan it like that.

    Workout: chair squats, leg extensions with resistance bands – individual and together, punched my free standing bag for about 20 mins, 75 crunches, ballet plias.

  14. Dale Moffitt says:

    it was a great day, I stayed focus and got water in, I exercise. I ate healthy. But I need to get family on board, they kept offering me cake, and rich in calorie foods. I feel so good where I am today!

  15. Nicole M. says:

    Day 1 went well! I drank my 8 cups of water and I did not eat after 7pm. I am super happy that I kept my commitment!
    Day 2 here I come!

  16. Ruebe says:

    I drank a green smoothie for two out three meals and danced around my apartment for 15 minutes. It’s also been a full week that I’ve gone without meat in my diet. Proud of myself for making it that far lol!

  17. Tamara says:

    Today was ruff I cant tell when I’m full I stuck to the recommended calories for the goals i set for myself but it was ruff because every meal and snack i had i didnt feel full

  18. Brandi says:

    I drunk 6 glasses of water didn’t make it to the gym so I exercised at home for 15minutes. I had ground turkey meatloaf and broccoli for dinner.

  19. kamesha says:

    I met my goals today 🙂

  20. Tiahana says:

    I only got up to 4 glasses of water so plan on trying a different approach tomorrow. I have a plan for breakfast in the morning. Walked on treadmill for 10 minutes.

  21. Brittanie says:

    I started my day of with honey bunches of oats with almonds..things got a little tough after 4…i agreed to no crabs after 4.that was hard but i did it..

  22. LaCresha Davis says:

    Today was awesome I completed my challenges ready to start day 2

  23. Kayla Rose says:

    I believe I did well in my first day! I stayed under my calorie goal and I drank only water today! I did not get around to exercise which is my only regret! But I will not stress I will get my workouts in order!!

  24. Kesha says:

    I only got up to 4 cups of water…And I ended up finishing dinner a little after 7(so I bombed on that goal today :0/)…Going to have to figure that one out though, because I know its best not to eat after 7…My dilemma is I work until 6(sometimes until 6:30),so I’m not eating dinner until late…I was thinking I could maybe take dinner with me, but I can’t figure out when do I get the time to eat it..I work with cancer patients, so I’m always usually swamped until the end of my shift,but I would love to stick to my goal of not eating after 7 though..I’ll have to try experimenting with it…But I’m happy with meeting my workout goal for the day!:0)

  25. Dawn McClarin says:

    My biggest challenge today was I forgot what I had actually said I wanted to do! When I posted on FB I thought it was walking which is something that I do anyway, my real challenge was 8 glasses of water. My biggest problem everything on the list is something that I want to do instead of starting small that is where my epic fail comes into reality everytime. Well I did get my 8 glasses in, but I ended up crashing with my carbs after four. So now I have a mental note and I am starting small.

  26. Annabel says:

    Didn’t do so well. 🙁
    I didn’t drink my 8 glasses of water, only was able to get 3 down.
    As for my exercise, I didn’t get a chance to sneak one in. I was running around all day getting chores done, so maybe that kind of counts? Tomorrow will be a better day!

  27. Faith Worrell Caceres says:

    I actually ended up drinking a gallon and a half of water… Didn’t do so well with not eating after 7pm

  28. Tiffany says:

    I managed to drink my water and eat green leafy vegetables twice today. I even refused to eat anything after 7. Especially when I realized that my tastes kept changing. I went from wanti ng something sweet to something salty to savory. So, I just fixed another glass of water and called it a day.

    As far as dancing, it was a short dance. Danced with my girls while setting the table for dinner. That was fun.

  29. Tami says:

    For my 8 glasses of water in and was done with food by 7pm. Went to a 90 minute zumba class too!

  30. Stacy says:

    Didn’t do any exercise today. But my daughter did make hot chocolate chip cookies and I didn’t eat any. Usually I would have eaten about 4.

  31. Yolanda Davis says:

    Hello was busy yesterday. But I found it a challenge with my goal cause of all the flood I cooked, but today is a new day so I am going to push myself and fight that feeling to eat. Not because I’m hungry it’s because it’s there and it looks delish. So today I’m up t r my challenge.

  32. Tunisia Tucker says:

    Did some tidying, some dancing, drank plenty of fluids, you know just all over the place.
    I did like ten squats, ten sets of leg raises front and back. Starting eating dinner early.
    Even if I’m a little under the weather.

  33. lorraine says:

    I drank 6 glasses of water and ate 2 servings of greens. I am starting to declutter my email inbox,

  34. Monerica says:

    Today was an exhausting day for me, I suffered from two seizures and it took a lot of energy from me. Fortunately I was consistent with drinking 8 glasses of water and I haven’t ate anything after 7pm. OMG! That was so hard for me because I usually eat dinner around 9 or 10. But to get me through the cravings, I kept drinking water. I actually exceeded my initial goal of 64oz. , I stopped at 72oz. My goal is to recuperate from this lethargic feeling I have from the seizures and praying I can exercise for at least 7 mins. I also plan to do some meditation tomorrow, so I can have a piece of mind in order to go on with my day. Happy New Year Everyone!

  35. Josie says:

    I didn’t do too bad! My dinner was not as healthy as it should have. I know I can make changes on that.

  36. Pamela Brown says:

    I found myself getting frustrated today because I really want to do this challenge but I am already encountering stumbling blocks.

  37. Kim Conley-Johnson says:

    I did 45 minutes of cardio today. I’ve been doing a version of the challenges for a few months, so I’ve been pretty consistent with sticking to my meals (no take-out or processed foods) and my water intake (80 oz per day). Rest day tomorrow – I don’t want to burn myself out! 🙂

  38. Flannell Jackson says:

    I started my day with prayer. I drank water and walked for 10 minutes. Wasn’t feeling so good but I made it through one day at a time.

  39. Kesha says:

    Hi, I didn’t know where else to go to say this, but I haven’t received emails for day 2(yesterday), nor today as well, I received the very first one, is anyone else having problems getting their emails? :0/

  40. jenna says:

    First day didn’t start of good two was no better but today I think I started off good

  41. Kat says:

    Today was a little challenging with regard to the exercise portion;however, I did pretty good. Not striving for perfection will be difficult. On to day 2.

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