Personal Training In New York – Day 12

Why Aren’t You Working Out? – Excuse #4

personal training in new york

Hey Curvy Goddess,

It is never, ever too late to start. Some have started at the age of 50 or 60 to start exercising and looking at them you would never guess that they waited that late to start.

My mom just started exercising after retirement. She never exercised in her life before. Now she’s swimming a mile a day and hitting the weights afterward. She goes to the gym every single day.

I wish I could say that I influenced her, but I can’t because I didn’t.

So anything is possible at any age and at any weight.

Until Tomorrow, Stay Strong and Stunning!


personal training new york

How Did You Do Today? Please Share With The Curvy Goddess Community Any Triumphs, Discoveries, Or Challenges…


6 responses to “Personal Training In New York – Day 12”

  1. dephny says:

    Everyday I do some dancing playing my dancehall music . I can really feel some lite-ness and really feeling free .lol these days I just can’t wear something that’s baggy …eix but after 7 not eating ,too much for this black curvy goddess to handle,

  2. Pam says:

    Gotta exercise! My real struggle right now though is abstaining from sugar- I no longer wish to be addicted to sugar!!!!! Anyone else have this issue? G-d bless you all, curvy girls!

  3. Kamesha says:

    A blessed day today.

  4. Dale Moffitt says:

    Good Evening Friends!

    Today was a strange day for me, I was offered all kinds of food at work and I TURNED IT DOWN, LOL that is a first. I started Hip Hop Abs to day, i’m determined to finish this video, im up to 18 minutes before i die on the floor pleased that I got that far. I’m determined that this time the weight will melt off. I’m drinking the water, no soda, no sweets and getting my greens in!.

  5. Tami says:

    Day 12: Today was a good day. I stayed under my calorie goal, got my veggies in, got all my water in and went to a Zumba class. I ended up eating after 7 because my workout wasn’t over until after 8 and I needed a snack afterwards and I had a banana.

  6. jenna says:

    I usually walk for 30 minutes each weekday. I’m trying to do more.

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