Curvy, Cool, and Confident Is The Curvy Goddess Way

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Mindset and attitude are the most powerful assets in your life. Yes. We all have insecurities and that is alright. But I think we underestimate ourselves.

Keep Curvy, Cool, and Confident.

Don’t ever take action from fear or anger. Remember, you’re a Curvy Goddess. See the opportunities before you and always ask yourself, “What wonderful things happened in my life today?”

Until Tomorrow, Stay Strong and Stunning!


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How Did You Do Today? Please Share With The Curvy Goddess Community Any Triumphs, Discoveries, Or Challenges…

  • Hello Friends!

    Im on track and doing great, which is a change for me, I’m drinking my water, walking my mile. Getting my greens in, avoiding roadblocks! It’s getting easier!

  • I’ve been fighting a cold for the 1st few days of the challenge but I am all better now and excited about making up for lost time. It has not been the greatest week, lots of water but the eating has been suspect and no working out at all.

  • So I’m at my neurology appointment and I took my vitals, I weighed 278 ((gained 23 pounds within 2months)) !! That automatically through me for a loop! The nurse then proceeds to check my BP ((140/106)) , she told me that it’s too high && that I need to relax for a few minutes and she’ll perform the procedure again…few minutes pass and my final BP was ((138/90)) better but still high for my age. I’m only 24! I’ve seen my neurologist and I feel like I hit the lowest point in my weight loss journey. I do have to take responsibility for my food intake and lack of exercise. This moment, right now, I got my wake up call. The nurse said that with the weight I am at and with high blood pressure, I am setting myself up for diabetes and other illnesses. I haven’t really been taking my weight seriously, but I don’t want to bring myself to where I can’t help myself either. Today I’ve opened my eyes even more, a lot of changes need to be made.

  • Day 8: Another busy day and didn’t get my workout in, but I did stay under my calorie goal, got in all my water and stopped eating after 7.

  • ooohhhh I cheated today and I felt so bad, and the sad part it was not good! I ate carbs after four and it was fast food, I was upset and ate out of emotions after I finished my Zumba class. So today was not good at all.

  • hello to all, today has been a slow day getting back to it after being sick . I Have been getting fluids and soups down. How walked about two miles on the treadmill and I hope to get back to it full throttle soon.

  • Day has not been a good day. Everything has gone work. No workouts, barely any water. I’m ready for tomorrow already.

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