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Feeling Hopeless About Weight Loss? Here’s How the Method for Curvy Women Turned an Unhappy and Unhealthy Plus Size Woman's Life Around Helping Her Lose Nearly 100 Lbs.

Discover the Secrets to Consistency and Motivation When Losing Weight

Have you had it with extreme diets and workouts that push you to your limit and then leave you feeling like a failure when you can’t keep up?

Ever feel like trainers make you feel out of place because they don’t understand your struggles?

Do you find it impossible to stay motivated when fitness programs don’t really support you?

I'm going to show you a simple, fast, and most secure way to overcome your problems and fears, while achieving your goals at a high level like you've never seen before.

This unique method is designed by a plus-size personal trainer who understands your struggles. She’s been in your shoes and knows how hard it can be. The method is simple and easy to follow, even if you have a busy schedule and a lot of weight to lose.

Thousands of plus size women have found success with my clear, step-by-step guidance.

plus size client, Annette gets compliments
plus size client, Lisa lost 24 inches in 6 weeks
jasmine plus size client lost close to 20 lbs

You've been struggling for a long time

When you try to lose weight, it feels like you’re always failing. Your family and friends don’t believe in you anymore. Your spouse says to you, I thought you were serious this time. Guess I was wrong.

And your friends say, We knew you wouldn't stick with it. Just come out for drinks and wings.

It hurts so much.

You and your partner keep putting off the trip to Disneyland for the kids because they all know you can’t fit in those rides. But imagine the look of pride in their eyes when they see you not just keeping up, but being a role model for the entire family. Your kids are so active, while you’re active with them.

So your co-workers don’t ask you to join them for Happy Hour anymore because you’re always on some new diet. They say, We didn’t think you’d want to join since we assumed you were on one of your new diets again. 

It makes you feel so alone and left out.

Now picture the surprise and admiration on their faces when they see you committed, while having so much energy.

From Weight Watchers at 8 to a size 4 at 38!

Elisabeth loses 85 lbs with a plus size trainer

Elisabeth's journey began at just 8 years old with her first Weight Watchers diet. Thirty years later, at a size 16 and heading towards an 18, she decided to take me on as her personal trainer and weight loss coach. Through consistency, Elisabeth achieved a size 4, proving that the right method can lead to incredible results.

Preciousa lost over 100 lbs in 18 months!

Preciousa loses over 100 pounds with a plus size personal trainer

Meet Preciousa, my inspiration! She defied the odds, shedding over 100 lbs in just 18 months with the Curvy Goddess method. By lowering her medication dosages and achieving her weight loss goals, she proved that fierce focus and unwavering dedication can make anything possible.

Joy found JOY!

Joy lost 40 lbs with a plus size personal trainer

Meet Joy! At 50, she trusted me to guide her to better health and lost an amazing 40 lbs without a single injury. If you're 40 or over, reaching your ideal weight is absolutely achievable with a sustainable approach tailored for you.

People think you’re obsessed with your weight. Your mom says, Why are you always trying to lose weight? We love you as you are. Your friends tease you when you eat salads. They say, Are you really going to eat that? I thought you were on a diet. 

It’s so embarrassing. 

Imagine the day when your mom and friends admire your willpower and start asking for your advice.

You fear losing your identity. Your cousin says, You’ve changed. You’re not the fun person we used to know. Your friends say, You’re so different now. We miss the old you. Your husband says, I fell in love with the old you. I don’t know who you are anymore.

Picture a future where everyone sees that your true self is shining even brighter, healthier, and happier.

Our program is designed to help you become the best version of yourself, enhancing your natural strengths and bringing out your inner confidence.

You’ll still be you—just a healthier, happier version.

Amber has PCOS and still lost 50 lbs!

Amber lost over 50 lbs with plus size personal training

Meet Amber! Despite battling PCOS and facing skepticism from doctors and trainers, she managed to shed an incredible 50 lbs. Amber's dedication and belief in herself proved all the naysayers wrong, showing that with persistence and finding the right personal trainer and coach who has walked in her shoes, anything is possible.

Leigh didn't have to sacrifice her social life

Leigh lost 40 lbs with plus size personal training

Meet Leigh, the bubbly extrovert who kept her vibrant social life intact while shedding 40 lbs with Curvy Goddess Workouts. She made smarter choices, enjoyed every bite with friends, and now rocks her gorgeous curves with endless energy.

Weight Loss Surgery didn’t quite do it for Jocelyn

Jocelyn shrank from a size 14 to a size 8 with plus size personal training

Some folks think weight loss surgery is the easy way out, but it's not. Jocelyn hit a plateau and, after months of being stuck, brought me on board as her personal trainer and weight loss coach. In just 90 days, she went from a size 14 to a fabulous size 10.

Your life will be so much better when you have the energy, confidence, and health you’ve always wanted.

Imagine waking up every day feeling strong, confident, and ready to take on the world. Not only will this save you a ton of time, energy, and money, but it will also bring joy and fulfillment into your everyday life.

Now, I’ll tell you a story about a rough time in my life that happened recently

I've always been a big girl, even when I became a personal trainer. I was strong and fit, but still plus size.  

Then the pandemic hit, and I ballooned to 311 lbs, my heaviest ever.

It was a disaster.

Chronic inflammation took over my life. My face, eyes, hands, feet, and ankles were puffy after every meal. Losing weight felt impossible. Extreme sleepiness hit me hard; I must have had undiagnosed sleep apnea. I’d stay awake all night and sleep from 7 AM to 2 PM, over and over again.

I couldn’t exercise, and the weight gain led to a host of problems.

For nearly two years, I couldn’t leave my apartment. I was terrified of being judged. I became a prisoner in my own home.

Anxiety consumed me, with a constant heavy cloak of fear suffocating me. Severe depression made me stop caring about myself. All I wanted to do was crawl into bed and sleep, shutting out the world. My joints were so stiff and painful that moving was agony.

I couldn’t do the simplest tasks without feeling like I was breaking apart.

I had to take bathroom breaks every hour, robbing me of restful sleep.

It was a living nightmare.

My food cravings were out of control. Depression stole any joy or care I had left.

I felt like a fraud. How could I guide others on their fitness journeys when I couldn’t even help myself?

Was this the end of my career as a personal trainer for plus-size women?

At 311 lbs, unable to walk 200 steps to the stop sign without gasping for air, I knew something had to give. I was miserable and guilt-ridden. I realized I hit rock bottom.

That moment, I made a pivotal decision. It was either change or watch my life slip away into purposeless nothingness.

So what would you do if you were in my shoes?

You could possibly try a few things. 

Picture this . . . 

You start cutting out carbs to shed pounds fast, and it works at first. You feel a glimmer of hope, but soon the hunger, fatigue, and irritability set in. You're constantly battling cravings, unable to focus, and binging on forbidden foods.

The weight you lost comes rushing back, leaving you feeling like a failure all over again. These extreme diets offer a quick fix, but they're impossible to maintain, and you're left feeling defeated and hopeless.

plus size woman extreme diet
plus size woman on the treadmill, exhausted

Next, you might turn to intense workout programs, believing that pushing yourself harder is the answer.

In the beginning, the tough routines seem effective, but the exhaustion and soreness soon become overwhelming.

Skipping a session feels like a setback, and you find yourself spiraling into burnout and frustration. It's just too much to keep up with, and when you can't, the feeling of failure grows stronger.

Feeling desperate, you may consider weight loss supplements, hoping for a miracle without much effort. Seduced by promises of dramatic transformations, you give them a try. 

But after weeks of taking them, there's no change, and some even make you feel jittery and sick. The confusion over what you're putting into your body adds to the frustration. 

These supplements offer false hope, costing you money with no results. It's the final straw, leaving you feeling lost and defeated, wondering if you'll ever find a way to lose weight and get fit.

plus size woman overwhelmed with weight loss supplements

All your efforts seem to have led you back to square one, and the defeat weighs heavy on you.

We all know that these 3 strategies seem to be the standard way that everybody preaches about, but they don’t ever seem to work, especially for us curvy women. 

Am I right? 

As a plus size personal trainer and weight loss coach for 24 years and helping thousands, I at least knew to steer clear of the rapid fixes and unsustainable promises.

plus size client, Melissa's A1C went down dramatically during her coaching with a plus size personal trainer
plus size client, Amber sharing her excitement about her weight loss to her plus size personal trainer
plus size client Leigh sharing how happy that her plus size personal trainer is in her life
plus size client Reesy thinks program is better than Weight Watchers
plus size client Julie expressing her thanks to plus size personal trainer
plus size client is finally losing weight with a plus size personal trainer

I started walking outside at 2 AM, hiding under the cover of darkness to avoid judgment. Those 200 steps were brutal. I was gasping for air and struggling, but it was my turning point.

I promised myself, Dear God, I won't complain about anything if only I can reclaim my health and vitality. Please, grant me this one wish.

I transformed my backyard into a workout haven because I couldn’t face the gym. It took months before I had the courage to step into a gym just four blocks away. It was a monumental leap towards saving my life.

I didn’t count calories. I listened to my body, ate when hungry, and drank lots of water. With the support of my friend Julie, who never judged me, I navigated the rough waters, avoiding unsupportive frenemies.

Week by week, month by month, I felt a change. It wasn’t just about the scale numbers; it was about how I felt inside. Small victories fueled my actions, and confidence propelled me forward.

After Two Years, I Shed Nearly 100 Pounds

My Health Issues Vanished

plus size personal trainer, Diane Williams lost 100 lbs

I was so, so depressed, it was sometimes hard to get out of bed

plus size personal trainer, Diane Williams lost 100 lbs

But I finally got myself out of the deep hole!

Just the other day, I walked over 10,000 steps in a single day, seeing my city in a whole new light. 

Gratitude fills my heart now. I’m confident and ready to tackle any challenge. This journey has given me a deep well of empathy, a gift I can now offer my clients.

But those dark times? They haunt me. 

Strangers and colleagues’ whispers, friends and family’s cruel comments. 

Did you see her order that muffin? No wonder she can't lose weight.

She’s trying another diet? How many times has she failed now? 

Why can’t she just stick to something? If only she had more willpower, she wouldn’t be struggling like this. 

These words and actions cut deep, making me feel small and worthless.

I was in a nightmare loop, suffocated by fear, judgment, and my own body. But I fought through it. And now, I have this renewed sense of purpose

I am here to help others fight their way out too.

plus size Ivlyn plus size personal trainer makes a difference

So I’m Excited to Announce my Brand-New Fitness and Weight Loss Program Designed Exclusively for Plus Size Women, Curvy Goddess Renewal

plus size weight loss and fitness program

I offered the program to a small handful of ideal customers, and the response was wonderful and overwhelming. These women experienced similar transformations and were overjoyed with their progress.

Word spread quickly, and I soon shared the program with a few hundred more ideal customers.

Before we knew it, testimonials from very happy customers started pouring in from everywhere. Their stories of transformation and newfound confidence were incredibly inspiring.

From 320 to 155 lbs: Shannon is truly amazing!

plus size client, Shannon loses over 150 lbs with a plus size personal trainer

Imagine shedding over 100 lbs and inspiring others along the way. Shannon did just that, dropping from 320 to 155 lbs with unstoppable determination. Her journey is a shining example of positive support, motivating others while achieving her own health and fitness goals.

Charlotte shrank 3 dress sizes. That's crazy!

plus size client Charlotte shrank 3 dress sizes hiring a plus size personal trainer

Imagine custom Curvy Goddess Workouts designed just for YOU, delivering amazing results. Charlotte, for example, lost 15 lbs and dropped 3 dress sizes. With patience and faith in the process, she achieved her goals—and so can you!

Weight Loss Surgery may not get you to the finish line . . . 

plus size client, Lynx gets rid of some health problems with a plus size personal trainer

Meet Lynx, a powerful woman who turned to surgery for weight loss but faced health issues and plateaus. My program helped her tackle fibromyalgia, ease her pain, and boost her strength. Lynx's journey shows that with determination and the right support, anything is possible.

plus size client, Cicely works with, Diane Williams, plus size personal trainer and loses 75 lbs
plus size client, Battista loses 18 lbs
plus size client, Julie is shrinking

Here's What You'll Learn When You Join Curvy Goddess Renewal

Gym-Free Fit Formula: Unveil the timeless secret to getting fit without ever stepping foot in a gym. The secret they don’t want you to know!

Carb-Cutting Myth Buster: The surprising truth about why cutting carbs isn’t the answer—and the mysterious method that truly works.

Diet Doom Decoder: Why do extreme diets always fail? Discover the forbidden formula they’ve been hiding from you.

Consistency Key Keeper: The jaw-dropping truth about why consistency is the hidden key to weight loss success. This will change everything.

Goal Achiever’s Secret: Achieve your fitness goals like never before with a method so simple, it’s almost unbelievable.

7-Minute Miracle: Start with just 7 minutes of exercise a day and unlock the mysterious powers of tiny habits.

Guilt-Free Indulgence Guide: Enjoy your favorite foods and still lose weight? The mystery behind this miracle, revealed.

Pace Perfector Principle: Discover the perfect pace for your workouts with a secret technique that defies conventional wisdom.

Cycle Breaker Blueprint: Break free from the cycle of extreme diets and exercise with a revolutionary method you’ve never heard of.

Hunger Scale Revelation: The Hunger Scale—an ancient technique to understand your body’s true needs. Prepare to be amazed.

Consistency Goldmine: Why does high intensity fail? Discover the mind-blowing reason why consistency is your golden ticket.

Motivation Magnet Method: Personalized check-ins that reveal the hidden path to staying motivated and unstoppable.

Procrastination Crusher Code: Beat procrastination with a method so powerful, it’s almost like magic. Your jaw will drop.

Burnout Buster Blueprint: The hidden dangers of pushing yourself too hard—uncover the dark truth behind the burn.

Victory Vault: Small victories hold the key to weight loss—unveil the secret that will change your life.

Minimal Effort Maximizer: Why doing something is better than nothing—discover the hidden truth behind this simple wisdom.

 Calorie-Free Balancing Act: Balance your meals without counting calories—unlock the hidden method that defies logic.

 Lifestyle Tailor Tactic: Tailor your exercise routine to fit your lifestyle—discover the method that makes it all possible.

Exclusive 3-Step Method for Curvy Women

The secret that makes the Curvy Goddess Renewal program so effective is our exclusive 3-step method for curvy women.

diane williams, personal trainer smiling

The program is created by Diane Williams, a plus size personal trainer and weight loss coach with 24 years of experience in the fitness industry. 

She has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, DailyMail, Vogue Italia, Today, and The Grio, and was a fitness columnist for plus size magazine, FabUPlus. 

The Curvy Goddess Renewal program has been validated with jaw-dropping results from clients that ensure lasting results.

Sandra lost over 50 lbs! 

plus size Sandra lost 50 lbs working with a plus size personal trainer

Sandra's incredible weight loss story saw her shed over 50 lbs after battling her weight her whole life. By embracing the Curvy Goddess method and dedicated workouts, she managed her appetite and became stronger, faster, and more energetic. Sandra discovered the missing piece she needed to transform her life.

It's never too late for Kaaron and for YOU!

plus size Kaaron lost over 100 lbs with plus size personal training

At 50, Kaaron began her weight loss and fitness journey despite multiple knee surgeries and limited mobility. With a tailored plan, she shed 120 lbs, now runs, climbs mountains, and radiates boundless energy. Kaaron's story proves that starting small can lead to incredible changes, no matter your age.

From winded on stairs to strong and toned

plus size client, Nicole shrank like crazy and got stronger with a plus size personal trainer

Nicole embodies the Curvy Goddess spirit, loving her body and exuding confidence in her size. She focused on boosting her upper body strength and cardiovascular stamina, and with my Curvy Goddess Workouts, she achieved just that. Now, Nicole has increased her strength, improved her balance, and looks stunning.

Curvy Goddess Renewal is the secret sauce behind our 8-week transformation journey, crafted just for plus-size women who crave real results without the stress. 

This isn't just another cookie-cutter plan—it's changing the game.

Here's why . . .

plus size fitness and weight loss program, curvy goddess renewal

We start with Curvy Goddess Workouts, personalized to your fitness level and factoring any physical limitations you may. No more one-size-fits-all nonsense. 

And no more jumping up and down, running, full-body push ups or burpies.

You can absolutely get into shape without these exercises.

plus size fitness and weight loss program, curvy goddess renewal

Then there's the Eat-to-Lose method, which lets you enjoy your favorite foods while still shedding pounds—no calorie or carb counting needed. 

It's all about working with your body, not against it.

plus size fitness and weight loss program, eat to lose healthy eating

But the real magic?

The Curvy Hotline. Imagine having 24/7 access to a plus-size personal trainer who’s been where you are and has over 24 years of experience. 

She’s there to support you, keep you accountable, and share tips that actually work as evidenced by the numerous success stories from our community.

plus size fitness and weight loss program, curvy goddess renewal accountability

Curvy Goddess Renewal is all about sustainable, joyful transformation. It's designed to make you feel empowered, confident, and in control, blending the best of fitness and nutrition science with a compassionate touch. This is how you reclaim your health and happiness, effortlessly.

plus size melissa lost 35 lbs working with a plus size personal trainer
Brittney shrank 2 dress sizes working with plus size personal trainer
plus size Susan lost 14 pounds with plus size personal training
plus size client Jasmine staying consistent and motivated on fitness and weight loss program
Plus size client, Lupita has more energy with plus size personal trainer
plus size client Catherine getting stronger with plus size personal training

Imagine Your New Life

Imagine how incredible your life will be when you finally achieve your weight loss goals with the Curvy Goddess Renewal program. 

Picture yourself waking up every day feeling energized and confident, slipping into clothes that make you feel amazing, and looking in the mirror with pride. 

You’ll be able to enjoy social gatherings without anxiety, join in activities with your loved ones, and live a healthier, happier life. It’s a game-changer.

As you transform, you’ll notice positive changes in how you feel about yourself and how others perceive you. The Curvy Goddess Renewal program fosters a supportive environment, helping you handle new attention with confidence and grace.

visible difference in the face of plus size Leslie's weight loss working wit a plus size personal trainer

Leslie's face after 12 weeks! 

Charlotte has leaned out and you can tell in her face

Charlotte's face makeover

cicely lost weight even after 8 weeks working with a plus size personal trainer

Cicely after 8 weeks!

Now, let’s be real for a second. How bad can things get if you don’t make a change? Think about the ongoing embarrassment of struggling to fit into your clothes, the painful comments from family and friends, and the constant feeling of being left out. You know you want to avoid these cringe-worthy moments.

We totally get it, and we don’t want money to stand in your way.

Because Diane is serious about helping you succeed, she’s offering a special discount today.

Here’s why:

  1. Diane believes in you: She knows you have what it takes to reach your goals, and wants to make it as easy as possible for you to get started. Lowering the price is her way of saying, “You’ve got this!”
  2. Diane’s building success stories: Your success is her success. When you transform your life, it shows others what’s possible with the Curvy Goddess Renewal program. She wants your story to inspire others.
  3. Diane values the Curvy Goddess Community: She’s creating a supportive, empowering community of women who lift each other up. Offering a discount helps more amazing women like you join our family and thrive together.

So, if you fill out the application you can take advantage of the special pricing.

Seriously, this is a steal. But you need to act fast. This price could go up at any moment, and if you come back later, it might be way more expensive.

Don’t miss out on this chance to change your life with the Curvy Goddess Renewal program. Take the leap now and start your journey to a healthier, happier you.

plus size weight loss and fitness program

You’re at a Crossroads Right Now, and You Have Two Options

Option 1: You can leave this page and do nothing differently. But let’s be honest, if you do that, nothing will change. You’ll keep struggling with your weight, facing the same old frustrations. 

The embarrassing comments, the painful moments, the feelings of inadequacy—they’ll only get worse. And eventually, it might reach a point where it feels unfixable. You don’t want that for yourself, and we don’t want that for you either.

Option 2: You can sign up for the program, Curvy Goddess Renewal, and receive everything we’ve talked about. Imagine achieving all your weight loss goals, feeling energized and confident, and transforming your life.

Picture yourself enjoying social events without anxiety, participating in activities with your loved ones, and looking in the mirror with pride. This program is your path to a healthier, happier you.

Katherine lost weight
Plus size client, Cindy lose 15 lbs
plus size client, April lost 10
Plus size client, Annette A1C went significantly down with plus size personal training
plus size client Antoinette losing 10 lbs. with Diane, plus size personal trainer
inflammation salt retention results

Make the choice that’s right for you. We believe in your potential to succeed, and we’re here to support you every step of the way. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by.

Choose Curvy Goddess Renewal and Start Your Transformation Today

Before training with Diane, I had very little confidence. I was previously very successful at weight loss, losing over 80 lbs. and maintaining for over 3 years. Due to some personal issues, I put back all the weight I had lost. I felt defeated, like a total failure. 

The workout was challenging, but not impossible. Diane understands the unique challenges of her clients, and tailors the workout accordingly to move your fitness level forward.

I now work out with Diane 2x a week. I have gone down 50 lbs. and 5 dress sizes. I found a love for exercise that I never felt before, it has truly become a part of my life. - Sandra B. 

My weight has been a struggle for me ever since the doctor told my mom that I needed to join Weight Watchers at the age of 10.  Over a 12-month period, with Diane as my fitness coach and personal trainer, plus continuing with altering my diet, I was able to lose 75 lbs! I now weigh in at 125 and can fit into a size 4! Elisabeth W. 

Diane has helped me understand that becoming healthier does not mean surrendering who you are or your curves. She does not preach about dieting and exercising to lose weight but she does explain in the fullest details what it takes for a lifestyle change for overall optimal wellness.  Diane guides with patience and compassion.

I have found in Diane what I could never find in other trainers and that is that she understands the special needs of a person according to their level of strength and lifestyle. - Lynx G. 

Now, Imagine This. . . 

Imagine this. . . You wake up every morning feeling energized and excited for the day ahead. You look in the mirror and see a confident, radiant person staring back at you. Your clothes fit perfectly, and you actually enjoy picking out outfits because everything looks and feels amazing on you.

You join your friends and family for activities without a second thought, whether it’s a hike, a dance class, or simply playing with your kids. Social gatherings are a joy, not a source of anxiety. You feel proud of the compliments and admiration you receive from those around you. You’re no longer worrying about your weight or feeling self-conscious. Instead, you’re living your life to the fullest, savoring every moment with confidence and happiness.

Your health is better than ever. You have more energy, you sleep better, and you feel stronger. You’ve built healthy habits that are now second nature, and you’re inspiring those around you to do the same. You’ve not only transformed your body, but you’ve also transformed your entire life.

I have been struggling with my weight for years. I've had really mean trainers who instead of motivated me, completely intimidated me out of the gym. She's got a level of understanding and compassion that surprisingly very few trainers seem to have. I actually look forward to waking up and working out!

I was approaching my 30th birthday and knew that I wasn't happy with my body and that I needed to make a change. I found Diane and she has changed my life! She is motivating and supportive instead of cruel and discouraging.- Charlotte W

I hired Diane on a trial run: 'I’ll try one session, if I don’t like it I won’t go back', I told myself. I have been consistent ever since that first time. I started out with a limp and a brace on my left knee. After a few months I took off that knee brace and have not worn it since. Now I bounce up flights of subway steps instead of dragging myself up. Kaaron S. 

Now, remember that the fastest, easiest, and most effective way to achieve this beautiful vision is to sign up for the Curvy Goddess Renewal program. 

This program is designed specifically for you, to help you reach your goals and live the life you’ve always dreamed of. Don’t wait any longer to make this transformation a reality. Click the link below to fill out the application and finally talk to Diane. Let’s see if you’re a perfect fit.

Let’s start your journey to a healthier, happier you.

ACT NOW . . .

Time is Ticking, and this Incredible Opportunity Won't Last Forever 

The price for the Curvy Goddess Renewal program could increase at any moment, and if you come back later, it might be way more expensive.

Don’t miss out—Fill out the application, secure your spot, and start your transformation today!

Before I started working out with Diane, I was very unhappy with my weight and overall fitness level. I had never worked with a personal trainer and fitness coach before, and I was hesitant about hiring one because I didn't want someone who was just going to yell and scream at me. - Nicole M.