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So What Do You Get?

  • Initial Goal Setting and Assessment
    So we know and understand what you want for your physical body and health, mapping out a step-by-step plan on your journey to healthy curves
  • Personalized Curvy Goddess Workouts
    So we can focus on personalized workouts and the right exercises for you, to challenge you (but never in a painful and scary bootcamp mode way.) You train with me on Zoom 2x/week plus you get a completely new Curvy Goddess Workout every single week. 
  • Personalized Healthy Eating Plan
    So you know what to eat and when to eat every step of the way on your journey. 
  • Accountability Check-Ins
    So you can prioritize consistency and establish habits for long-term sustainability. 
  • Access to Me, 24/7 via Text and Phone Calls
    So when you need that extra kick of motivation, for those food temptation emergencies, and/or you need to vent. I’ll be there for you!

Why Choose Plus Size Personal Training & Coaching?

personal trainer nyc
  • I Have a Proven Track Record
    With 23 years of experience, I have a proven track record of success in helping my clients achieve their weight loss and fitness goals. And I do it with compassion and use positive reinforcement. There's no screaming and shouting to force you to be compliant. 
  • I Accept You
    I'm here to help guide and support you and we collaborate in achieving your weight loss and fitness goals. But understand this. I accept you completely, now. 
  • I Personalize Your Entire Weight Loss and Fitness Journey
    As a plus size woman, before I was a trainer I had the same challenges that you have. So when I became a trainer it was second nature for me to create personalized programs for my plus size clients while it wasn't so easy for other trainers to do the same. 
  • I Create a Safe and Comfortable Environment for You
    From observation, most trainers who have plus size clients create workout environments that make clients feel unsafe and sometimes clients end up in pain. You don't have to go to the gym if you don't feel comfortable. You're not running or doing pushups or burpees for your first or even 10th session with me, but you're still going to lose that weight and get fit.
  • I Am a Plus Size Personal Trainer
    As a plus-size personal trainer, I have a better understanding of the physical limitations that you may face, such as joint pain or limited mobility. I tailor my clients' workouts to accommodate these limitations and help them progress safely and effectively.
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