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Personal Trainer NYC – The New Year’s Resolution Craze

Being a Personal Trainer NYC, I am well aware of the surge of members who come to the gym after January 1 because of their New Year’s Resolution. It’s unfortunate that most of these members will disappear in the coming weeks forgetting their goals with their motivation disappearing into thin air. I may be biased…Continue Reading

Ask The Personal Trainer NYC – How Do I Get The Body I Want?

Your own certified personal trainer NYC, Diane Williams, is here answering your questions about fitness in this special category, Ask the Personal Trainer NYC where curvy women ask their most curious questions about weight loss, health, and fitness. My experience as a personal trainer NYC has covered almost 14 years, training hundreds of people from…Continue Reading

Is Hiring A Personal Trainer NYC Worth The Fee Charged?

A certified personal trainer NYC is a certified fitness professional who has the skills and knowledge to guide her clients to her fitness and weight loss goals. The personal trainer NYC will design a highly individualized program for her clients based on the clients’ needs, goals, and will take into consideration her physical limitations and…Continue Reading

Ask The Personal Trainer NYC – How Do I Exercise If I Have No Time?

Welcome to another Ask the Personal Trainer NYC article where I focus on a popular fitness topic that is common among many women. Clients and subscribers are curious about how to lose fat, gain energy, and transform a body into a sexy body leaving firm dangerous curves. As a personal trainer NYC for about 14…Continue Reading

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