Success Stories

I’m so amazed by my Healthy Curves Personal Training clients. These women are living proof that you don’t have to go on starvation diets, go the extreme exercise route, and spend hours at the gym to lose weight and get fit, and actually you probably will stop from injury or unnecessary suffering from that process. 

It’s evident from these before and after images that with the right support, guidance, and encouragement that achieving your fitness and weight loss goals is possible.

From shedding pounds and inches to boosting confidence and self-love, our clients are living their best lives and inspiring others to do the same. 

So get ready to join them and create your own success story, read on and be inspired! 

Elisabeth started her first diet at 8 years old!

It was Weight Watchers. Her mom even took her to the doctor to see if he could do anything to make her plump daughter be skinny. Doctors don't know a thing about helping others lose weight and be healthy. (There are exceptions.)

Well, 30 years later at the size of 16 going on 18, she took me on as her personal trainer and coach and she went down to a size 4.

(Most of my clients don't want to be that slim, so I do listen to them.) Elisabeth wanted to be that slim so we collaborated and she was so consistent.

Congratulations to Elisabeth!

Amber has PCOS and she lost 50 lbs. 

In spite of having PCOS, which it makes it extra hard to lose, she still lost. I told her that she just needs to stick to the program. After a few months of not losing weight I still knew it would be a glorious day when she started dropping weight. She trusted me and was losing like gangbusters!

But guess what she shared with me after months of training? She had a doctor who told her she wasn't ever going to lose the weight plus she had a personal trainer before me who shamed her endlessly. 

Oh boy . . . Makes me know I have a purpose in life when I hear these things. Woot Woot, Girl! You did it!

Shannon is AMAZING!

I think you have to have a heart of gold and iron-clad patience if you want to lose over 100 lbs. helping inspired others because of what you've accomplished for yourself. Shannon went from 320 to 155 lbs. and inspired so many. She is probably one of the most positive clients that I know, encouraging others while crushing it on her own weight loss and fitness journey. 

Leigh did not sacrifice her social life

This bubbly extrovert did not sacrifice her social life when she was on her weight loss and fitness journey. She was more mindful of what she drank and ate with her friends, but she was still consistent with her Curvy Goddess Workouts and her healthy eating. Leigh ultimately lost close to 40 lbs. with her social life intact and non-stop energy to boot!

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Charlotte shrank like crazy!

Curvy Goddess Workouts that I design specifically for each client does something to there bodies. Charlotte is a perfect example how losing only 15 lbs. will make you shrink down to 3 dress sizes. It took a lot of patience and faith in the process, and she did a great job!

Weight loss surgery may not be the end of the journey

For so many women I know who have tried the weight loss surgery route, in the beginning think that this is their savior, but for many it won't be. Lynx, was one of those women. She lost some weight, but was riddled with health problems from the surgery. She also plateaued at one point and started gaining weight again. One of the health problems she had was fibromyalgia but my program helped alleviate most of her pain. She lost weight again and her stamina and endurance was through the roof!

It's never too late . . .

So at the age of 50 Kaaron started her weight loss and fitness journey. When I met her she was walking with a brace and very limited movement in both knees. She had close to a dozen knee surgeries and she was always in pain walking up the stairs. I went very, very slow with her. But she moved. She did what she could.

I think sometimes when you start a fitness and weight loss plan you think you need to go big. You don't. You actually shouldn't if you've got multiple injuries in the past and very limited mobility, BUT you've got to still move to get stronger.

So I created a special plan for Kaaron. She lost 120 lbs.. She runs and climbs mountains. She is no longer in pain and doesn't use that brace. She has boundless energy and can bounce up the stairs. She is one of the most powerful women I know.

Susan lost over 50 lbs. 

Susan had a weight problem her whole life and hired me to help her on her weight loss and fitness journey. She discovered Paleo along the way and that really was the key that she was missing. It helped her control her appetite while the Curvy Goddess Workouts got her stronger, faster, and boosted her energy. Way to go, Susan!

Weight loss surgery didn't completely work for Jocelyn

Some people think you go the easy route when you choose weight loss surgery. That's not so. You have to calorie restrict like crazy and stay away from sugar and other carbs. But most of the times you will plateau at a point and have to figure out what the next step is. 

Jocelyn went through that and hired me to help solve her months of being stuck. Well, she went from a size 14 down to a size 10 with me in 90 days!

Preciousa lost over 100 lbs in 18 months!

Preciousa takes medication for some things including her diabetes. She tried Healthy Curves and this is what happened next . . . 

She lost over 100 lbs. in 18 months and all of dosages were all lowered. Losing over 100 lbs. is not an easy feat. Focus, determination, and consistency were important to her success. 

Joy found JOY

Joy was 50 when she hired me. She didn't really know what the process or how the results would be, but she trusted me enough to see. She didn't have any injuries. She just wanted to be healthy and lose some weight. She lost about 40 lbs. and was much more energetic.

If you're 40 or over it's never an issue to lose the weight you want. But don't think you can do the things you did in your teens and 20s to lose the weight.

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Steffany has never quit

Steffany has never quit on herself. And that's one of the key factors in succeeding. You don't quit so you can find the thing that works for you. Steffany found it. It's obvious from the before and after. And along with my Curvy Goddess Workouts she did gained strength and stamina while losing the weight. 

Congratulations, Steffy!